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  • 9 Sep 2021

  • 9 Sep 2021

Types of Logo Designs and their importance according to Industries

What is a Logo? What are the types of logo designs? What is their importance according to Industries? There are answers to all these questions. Just have a look forward.

What is Logo?

A Logo is a design or image that is used to symbolize the business of an organization. It is also used to identify the products, uniforms or vehicles, etc. For example, the Logo of Twitter is a Bird.

What are the types of Logo Designs?

If a business is ready to fly, then it arranges the feathers for itself in the form of Logos. If your company is following all its responsibilities correctly, then the logo would help it to create a good connection between the consumers and the organization.

Now the next question is what kind of logo will escalate the companys prosperity? Which logo will target the maximum audience? What factor makes the best logo? Let us have a look at it.

There are mainly two types of logos: Image or Icon Based Logos & Name Based Logos.

Some of the types of Image-Based Logos.

Emblem, logo, wordmark, abstract

1. Brand Marks or Pictorial marks

These are logos that are made of a graphic design i.e. symbol or object which represents a real-world object. As simplicity reveals beauty so it should be straightforward, like the outline of an Apple phone. This would showcase the efforts of an organization in a beautiful way.

The great attribute and advantage of the brand marks are that they are easy to remember even after a long period. They are associated with real-world objects.

A brand mark is often used as a hallmark of a company that is considered iconic. It should be represented clearly to communicate clearly with the consumers or audience. For example – Apple and Twitter.

2. Abstract Logo Marks

This is the conceptual one that has a big picture. It doesnt mimic any object but is designed in a unique way to express something specific about the brand.

These logos could play a vital role in emphasizing the design of the brand to the audience. It also helps to distinguish the business of an organization from the other. One can do well with a simple logo that would attract a large number of consumers at a time. For example, Pepsi and Nike.

3. Emblem Logos

It itself states an impressive feeling. These logos consist of a seal or a crest. Do think about the universities or the government organizations which have a memorable and long-lasting impact on the mind of a person. It has a glimpse of professionalism that gives a background to any organization.

The Emblem Logos are compatible with the brands that want to show themselves as reputable and traditional. These traditional logos are engaged with an organization that is associated with
Types of Logo Designs and their importance according to Industries.
uniforms or garments and somewhat like that. For example, Starbucks and BMW.

4. Combination Mark

These logos include a combination of images and words. A person can pair a letterform with a mascot or a monogram with an abstract image – whichever combination is relevant.

Combination Mark speaks about versatility. It allows easy rebranding. As the companys or products name will be associated with the image; so the customers will get a direct point of view about the brand. For example, Pizza and Mastercard.

Some of the types of Name-Based Logos

Uber, eats, wordmark, lettermark, letterforms

1. Wordmark Logos (Logotypes)

These usually consist of text i.e. the company names and the initials or something of the same kind. These are the names of the companies that are set in some particular type of font.

Wordmark Logos are always quite clear to the audience which doesnt require any guessing; because the design is associated with the alphabets themselves that are easy to read for the consumers. It has great benefits as one can choose the font style easily and make effective designs in it to highlight the brand of an organization. For example, Uber and Tiffany and Co.

2. Lettermarks (Monograms)

These are nothing but the full forms of abbreviations. Abbreviations are those that are loved by a large number of people. Though it is OMG! (Oh My God) or LOL (Lots of Loud). Most people have a habit of making abbreviations like GST (Good Night, Sweet Dreams and Take Care) which sounds somewhat ridiculous.

Lettermarks or Monograms could turn the business of an organization into an identifiable brand identity. These could work as the best option while starting a new or small business to get the name out there. As these are associated with personality, prosperity, and financial power; hence works as the best option for the brands that are trying to highlight themselves to the maximum number of consumers. For example, HP and LG.

3. Letterforms

These are considered the youngest cousin of Monograms. These are just designed as one-lettered logos that are usually bold and well designed in a precise manner.

Letterforms have the attribute of getting scaled easily by the target audience. A successful and well-designed form of its type can take the organization to the highest position in every way; just because it makes the brand reputed with the minimum number of alphabets. If the business names are complicated then Letterforms plays a unique role in highlighting the efforts in a simple way. For example, McDonalds and Yahoo.

What is their importance according to industries?

Though it is the Image-Based Logos or the Word Based Logos both types play a vital role in communicating the unique identity, prosperity, status, and efforts of any organization or brand.

As all human faces are unique and contribute to individual identity. Moreover, the face is one of the most fundamental parts of the body for self-recognition; so in this way, logos are intended to be the face of the company as it communicates the important brand message of any industry or product to its target consumers by providing it a unique identity.

As a person lose their identity without a name; like that any industry would lose its identity without a logo. The Logo can be considered as the soul of any brand, industry, company, or any small or big organization.

Identity plays an important role in empowering individuals to exercise their rights and responsibilities fairly and equitably in a modern society. It also helps us to make decisions and to know how to behave. So a logo plays a vital role in empowering the industrys growth in the field of success; ultimately helping the company to reach the heights of its goal.

[The images are being taken from the registered companies and belong to their respective owners only.]