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  • 27 Apr 2022

  • 27 Apr 2022

Business Model of Infosys: A Way Towards Success

Infosys Limited is an Indian multinational information technology company that marks its importance in providing business consulting, information technology, and outsourcing services. It is the second largest Indian IT company which was founded in Pune and headquartered in Bangalore.


Infosys International Inc. is dedicated to providing the people, services, and solutions our clients need to meet their information technology challenges and business goals. Infosys International Inc. is dedicated to providing the people, services, and solutions our clients need to meet their information technology challenges.


To help our clients meet their goals through our people, services, and solutions.

Founder - N.R. Narayana Murthy

Infosys, Founder, N.R. Narayana Murthy

N.R. Narayan Murthy took the best of his efforts and founded Infosys in 1981. Infosys shows a glimpse of his efforts by being a highly innovative software service. It is a global company and is listed on NYSE in the US, and on the Bombay Stock Exchange in Mumbai. Mr. Murthy moved forward and implemented the Global Delivery Model (GDM) which marks its importance in becoming the backbone of the Indian software industry.

GDM is based on the principles of collaborative distributed software development principles, which shows its attribute in delivering superior quality software to global customers, which satisfies their needs, and keeps them associated with the services. He is the person who introduced the 24-hour working day to the world.

Infosys marks its importance in becoming the leader in technical, managerial, and leadership training, and also in the software technology, which brings quality, and productivity in hundredfold, which satisfies the needs of the customers.

Business Model

Infosys, business model

Next-Generation Integrated AI Platform

Nia is a knowledge-based, integrated AI platform that gets aligned with machine learning together with the deep knowledge of an organization, and further to drive automation and innovation.

It builds up its roots with the success of the AI platform for businesses, known as Mana, as well as its robotic process automation technology, AssistEdge. It joins its hands with the big data analytics, machine learning, knowledge management, and cognitive automation capabilities of Mana with the end-to-end RPA capabilities of AssistEdge.

Infosys Consulting

It is a global management consulting firm, which marks its importance in helping some of the most recognizable brands of the world to transform and innovate. Its consultants are industry experts that lead to complex change agendas which are driven by disruptive technology. As a leading global advisory firm, Infosys Consulting enables organizations to bring innovations and reimagine their future and also create sustainable and lasting value.


Panaya CloudQuality™ Suite enables all types of SAP® and Oracle® EBS changes. Panaya CloudQuality™ Suite delivers insights that tell you what will break, how to fix it, and what to test, helping organizations manage the testing process and collaborate between IT and business during the entire release process.

It marks its importance in providing support to the IT teams through system changes with tools that manage any SCM change from ongoing functional updates to version updates. It delivers actionable intelligence through

It delivers actionable intelligence through impact analysis and complete controls with TestCenter in order to test and manage the quality of all SCM changes across the systems and as a SaaS solution. It also marks its attribute in reducing costs and manpower, ultimately offering the company with a scalable testing solution, which delivers the computing power and data capacity needed.

Infosys Information Platform (IIP)

IIP essentially offers end-­‐to-­‐end, scalable, elastic, and rapid data processing and reporting. The company has announced details of the Infosys Information Platform (IIP) that includes the latest pre-packaged solutions from Infosys BPO and Infosys Finacle. IIP is an open-source platform brought for big data analytics that shows its attribute in empowering businesses to operationalize their data assets and also discover new opportunities for swift innovation and progression.

EdgeVerve Systems

It includes Finacle, a global banking platform with different modules, and has partnered with Infosys Validation Solutions (IVS) in order to enable customers to simplify test automation and to quickly build and scale up their automation journeys with the help of AssistEdge RPA, which is a comprehensive automation platform that helps enterprises to scale their automation journey, ultimately enabling them to drive initiatives around process discovery, intelligent automation, and digital workforce orchestration.


It (also known as Kallidus) is a company that takes its efforts and develops a cloud-native e-commerce platform, that brings offers Skava Commerce, a set of microservices for digital commerce, which allows enterprises to build and deploy features for any device.

It offers a source code license of the complete platform or specific microservices which helps large retailers who are already on the way of building their own platform.

Infosys Digital Marketing practice helps enterprises to get aligned with the deeper customer relationships by delivering personalized experiences. It provides a way to enterprises to achieve this by delivering relevant content, insights-driven decision making, and hyper-personalized campaign management, which results in improved customer wallet share.


1. Good Planning

The company is taking great efforts to have its grip in the market, and it has focused on BFSI i.e. Banking and Financial Services, which include manufacturing, packaging implementation, and application development. The other sector focused on ADM, which included maintenance and testing, and as the US and European markets are stable.

2. Impressive Growth

When the company builds up its roots in the market, then it looks forward in bringing growth to the business. It takes efforts to run the business on the track of profit and evaluates the business model. It brings beneficial measures for increasing the per capita revenues.

3. Turning Clients into Partners

Infosys has found a way to make the clients partners, which helps them in investing and bringing more productivity. The partnership helps in bringing profit and ultimately facilitates innovation in the marketing strategy, which escalates the business a hundredfold.

4. Global Presence

Extending the hands of business globally brings new customers, and one can enjoy increased revenues from these new customers. Getting information about a new place can help make the organization more well-rounded, and having an understanding of people who are from different countries will give a new perspective on relations with customers, and may even help to work better with domestic customers and business partners, which can be extended by the tie-ups with the right companies.

5. Unique Services and Products

In a world full of competition, there are many companies who provide the same type of services, and products as of Infosys. Some companies provide different kinds of products to increase sales and build a reputation. With the more number of products getting launched in the market, there is a huge requirement of maintaining the quality of the product as well. The quality contributes to the creation of the brand identity and thus enables the customers to purchase the product.

The company has taken its efforts to explore the market and know the needs of the customers. An industry always ensures to provide its customers happy with high quality to keep on increasing in the market.

It extends its hands in financial, insurance and manufacturing, and many other domains as well. Their other essential products include NIA (Next Generation Integrated AI Platform), the global management consulting service called Infosys Consulting, Panaya Cloud Suite, EdgeVerve Systems, Skava, and Infosys Information Platform (IIP).

6. Smart Acquisitions

The company has expanded its hands to achieve success through acquisitions. It needs to make the right decisions at the right points in time. It joined its hands with the most profitable companies, which helped to increase the business. Smart acquisitions open the doors of profit for the company.

Revenue Model

Infosys, revenue model

The financial services of the company contribute around 6.2% of the total revenue share. Life science contributes around 5.3% of the total revenue share, whereas 8.8% is contributed by Hi-Tech. Manufacturing contributes around 6.7% of the total revenue share.

The retail contributes about 7% of the total revenue share, and 7.8% of the total revenue share is contributed to the communication service. Energy, utilities, resources, and other services contribute around 4.3% and other segments contribute around 7.1% of the total revenue share.

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