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  • 20 Jul 2022

  • 20 Jul 2022

Business Model of Toyota Motors: To Delight Customers Through Automobiles

Toyota is far better known to most people as the maker of cars like this. Toyota has become one of the largest automakers in the world, by bringing cars, trucks, and sports utilities that are reliable and safe.


To be the most respected and successful enterprise, delight customers with a wide range of products and solutions in the automobile industry with the best people and the best technology.


Toyota, founder

Toyota Motor was founded in 1937 by Kiichiro Toyoda, the son of famed Japanese inventor and industrialist Sakichi Toyoda.

The great Kanto earthquake occurred in 1923, which created a massive demand for cars. The disaster devastated the Japanese rail system and the country began importing choices from the Ford Motor Company to convert into buses for public transport.

Toyota created the automated production division of Toyota Automatic Loom. On September 1st, 1933, and soon after began plans to build a manufacturing facility. He had no experience in making automobiles. So he purchased vehicles from Ford, Chevrolet, and Chrysler and took them apart, looking for models on which he could base its own design.

He also recruited Engineers from Japanese car companies and local subsidiaries of American car makers, such as GM. The first production passenger car of the company, the Model AA, was launched in 1986, and a separate company Toyota Motors was formed after the next year. Soon Japan was engaged in World War Two, and the auto industry of the country shifted production to help with the war effort. The war left Toyota, a battered company.

The production was tightly restricted, materials were in short supply, and one of its factories has been bombed at the end of the war. In its aftermath, Toyota began making Trucks. The company believes that Japan would need to rebuild itself. Toyota also got a big break in 1950, when the US Army placed a large order for Trucks needed in the Korean war.

The company almost doubled monthly production from 650 vehicles to 1000 vehicles. Slowly, Toyota remade itself, but it realized that it had to expand beyond Japan if it wanted to survive and grow over the long term. To do that the automaker looked to the massive and fast-growing market in the United States. The Toyota executives noticed that the sales of compact cars were growing. The company figured that there was an opportunity for its own relatively small vehicle. In the meantime, Toyota is trying to make old cars that are not just practical, safe, and reliable.


Toyota Motors comes with Glanza, Urban Cruiser, Urban Cruiser Hyryder, Innova Crysta, Hilux, Fortuner, Legender, Camry, and Vellfire.

E-Commerce Key Concepts

Toyota includes B2B and also B2C in its business. It has achieved the peak of success and brought growth in revenue. Toyota is involved in Covisint, and also brought its own electronic market and targeted private, public, and consortia sources. It works in the E-Commerce business and maintained relationships with its customers, buyers, and suppliers. The E-Commerce trades of the company makes deal with only the automotive industry.

Toyota Financial Services

The Toyota Financial Services operations are coordinated by Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC), and Toyota Financial Services Corporation (TFSC), which has overall responsibility for the financial services subsidiaries globally. Toyota Financial Services makes it much easier for people to handle their personal finances and lease a Toyota.


Toyota Financial Services, Benefits


Toyota rewards the people by allowing them to build points for later benefits, which they can use to purchase products in the future for a lower price. If they consider themselves a person who is dedicated to Toyota, this is a wonderful deal. The people can avail the benefits of financial services.


When people get a loan for a car, the people need their information to be protected. Toyota provides several security operations to protect the information of the people. They also take responsibility if something goes wrong, and assure the people that the company is there.


Toyota Financial Services are associated with their own bank, which is in Nevada, and provides another way to keep customers delightful & satisfied.

Ease of Use

Toyota Financial Services is convenient to use, which attracts the interest of the people towards it. People can sign up easily for financial services.

Alliance With Visa

The Toyota card is a Visa card, and the financial program of the company is reliable due to its closeness to Visa.

Toyota Machinery


AIR JET Machines

JAT810 Air Jet Loom, JAT E-REED, and JAT E-SHED.

Water JET Machines

LWT810 Water Jet Loom, New Beating Motion, New Function Panel, and Multi-Link Crank Shedding.


RX300 Ring Spinning Frame, and FL200 Roving Frame.


Part Sales

Toyota supplies high-quality spare parts for weaving and spinning machines. It has supplied Toyota Air Jet Parts, Toyota Water Jet Parts, Toyota Spinning Parts, Nissan Water Jet Parts, and Nissan Air Jet Parts machinery parts.

Electronic Service

The experienced team of electronic technicians uses the OEM schematics and customized simulation and provides electronic repair and support.

Mechanical Service

Toyota Textile Machinery is associated with a technical team who are skilled and performs mechanical repairs with their experience.

How Toyota makes money

Toyota earns 90% of its revenue from its automotive sectors, but the company also generates revenue from other operations, such as financial services, investments, and machinery as well.

Automotive Business

Most of the automobile sales of the company takes place in Japan and North America. Its strongest and most profitable brand is Lexus, with more than 10 million sales all over the world.

Financial Services Business

This sector mainly focuses on automotive sales financing, credit cards, and others.

Other Business

Toyota holds stakes in other automotive manufacturers, such as Subaru, Isuzu, and Mazda as well. It also shows its interests in the fields of biotechnology, robotics, aerospace, etc. It is also oriented towards developing hybrid electric vehicles and related technology.

Revenue Model

Toyota, revenue model

1. Vehicles Sale

The main revenue share of the company comes from the sale of Passenger Vehicles, minivans, and commercial vehicles, which is 88%.

2. Financial Service

Financial services include automotive loans, credit cards, and other services, which bring 8% of the total revenue share.

3. Others

The other business sectors include telecommunications, biotechnology, aerospace, and robotics, which together bring 4% of the total revenue share.

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