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  • 22 Jan 2022

  • 22 Jan 2022

How to Survive in the Red Ocean?

We have already studied the Red ocean and Blue Ocean strategies in our previous blogs. Let us once again have a look at it, and also study how to survive in the Red Ocean in terms of business.

What is Red Ocean Strategy?

Red Ocean Strategy can be defined as a plan of action, which aims to make the product survive in a market that is full of competitors.

It typically tends to focus on the current customers, which takes the attempt to improve the experience of the customers. It is present in the highly competitive market.

Any business in the scenario of high competition tries to keep its level at the top, to get associated with the profit. When any firm wants to reach the top peak, then it goes with the Red Ocean Strategy, to compete with the other business firms and get success.

All the industries take attempts to satisfy the need of the consumers, and due to competition, it becomes risky for a startup to survive. The automobile industries are an example of Red Ocean strategies in India.

How to Survive?

A business or a company usually faces great competition in the market, though it launches new products.

Whenever a business does not get productivity in the market, then it does not get profit, which ultimately makes it difficult for itself to survive in the Red Ocean.

If a company just creates a new product, then it firstly thinks about the interest of the people. Like what they are looking for, what changes can be done to increase the sales and productivity of the product in the market.

Maintain the Uniqueness

Maintain, uniqueness, Red Ocean

It is crucial to always be unique in the market, by maintaining the brand personality.

The personality refers to a set of human attributes that are specified to a brand name.

An effective brand increases equity by having a constant set of traits that a specific line of consumer enjoys. As such a brand personality is something to which the consumer can relate.

When a company thinks to launch a new product in the market, then it wishes to make it unique. But, in a world full of competition, the chances of surviving are very critical.

The company needs to fight with some other products, and survive in the Red ocean, but it becomes difficult to influence others and make our own identity in the market.

In order to stand and survive in the Red ocean, the company launches unique products to make its identity looks unique with some outstanding features, which increases the sales and helps it to survive in the market.

As every cloud has a silver lining, that means there always exists hope and light in the darkness.

Same like that the Red ocean is not fully Red always, even in the great competitive market, there always exists a place in which some new things can be added, which helps the company and business to survive in the market.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Work smarter, not harder

Smart work is one of the key factors in achieving business goals.

Smart work highlights the status and increases the standard of the business. It also helps to overcome the competition in the market.

When we do hard work, then it generally creates pressure in the mind, and in this situation, we usually get distracted at specific times, which could affect productivity.

So it is crucial to also take breaks between the work, and maintain peace in the mind.

Through hard work, we gain knowledge and experience, and it also helps us to do work smartly in the future.

It also teaches us patience and discipline. We feel self-satisfied after we get our desired outcome.

Whereas, smart work improves our innovative and creative thinking skills, and also enhances our productivity, and ultimately helps to survive in the market.

It demands complete mental presence with the work and helps to improve our concentration power. Hence, it makes us more organized and systematic.

For this, industry needs to conquer the highest priority task firstly, which helps it to get out from the risk of misfortune in the Red Ocean. This also brings positivity and enthusiasm to the business.

Always offer Solution

You and your competitor have the same target audience. If you manage to identify the client needs better than your opponent, the customer is more likely to choose your service.

Talk with your clients and ask them straightforward questions. Learn what they expect to achieve using your product by asking personal questions like What stops your company from growing? What task takes the most time to complete in your job? What do you think may be the reason for your business recent failures? etc.

Once you have a clear picture of the issue, you should provide the client with an effective solution and not just try to sell your product.

Provide Greater Fulfilment

Whenever any organization takes care of its customers and satisfies their needs, then that firm escalates its business to the highest peak and gets prosperity in hundredfold.

A greater fulfillment of needs brings high levels of productivity to the business. When employees are working well, they are undertaking the right activities to provide a holistic and fulfilling experience for each customer.

Fulfillment of needs on time plays a major role in increasing productivity. Improving customer service leads to more loyal customers, increases sales and productivity.

When any company deals with the interest of the people and provides support, then this ultimately results in improving productivity. The business improves their sales when they get engaged with the needs and requirements of the consumers.

Focusing on the benefits of clients, it is mandatory to review the competitors in the market, like how they are positioning themselves. It also includes asking for their feedback and listening to what they are saying about the services and products.

These reports can give access to objective data and expert industry analysis. From real-world case studies to consumer buying behavior to company profiles, research can give proper information about what people need. This would help the firm to stay ahead of the competition and accurately satisfy the needs of the clients in the market.

Offer Discount

Offer, discount

Offering discounts to the customers too can be considered as the best way to increase the sales, and survive in the Red Ocean.
It attracts more people towards the business.

One of the advantages is that the discounts makes the customers to purchase again and again, and also bring new customers to the business.

Whenever the customers get a discount, then they get happier and feel relaxed.

It helps to be beneficial for the long term, which would increase sales and provide the customers satisfaction.

It also makes the people compare the discounted product with other ones.

Discounting products and services, particularly in-demand ones, is a good way to build up attention in the business.

If there is a cloth shop in the market, which is surviving in the Red ocean business, then to make its products sell, the seller would offer discounts to the customers.

Decide and target a particular age group

The younger generation shows activeness and is far more open-minded in every perspective. They always come with a confident and advanced look.

Also reflects reality in a fruitful manner. They change their taste with time, and hence, whenever a business particularly targets the youth age, then it increases the sales in the business.

All the industries provide different kinds of products to increase sales and build a reputation in the market. Like when a company offers varieties of products, then the consumer sort out very few products out of it.

Many industries face difficulty in forecasting the future demand for products. It is a very tough challenge for a company to come up with things that deal and match with the interest of the people.

In the crowd of people in the world, there exist many people in the list of target age group of a company. If any company thinks to target new age groups, and replace those dissatisfied with its services, then it would be time-consuming and also expensive.

So it would be easy for a company to target a particular age group for a long time, and boost up the business with them.


Advertising, market

Different products are getting introduced in the market, that offers opportunity and a wide network in the market.

A good advertisement makes it stand out from the competition.

Unless and until the advertisements consist of the wow factor, it would not be getting highlighted in the minds and eyes of the people.

It is considered a key to attracting the maximum number of people.

As simplicity reveals beauty in a precise way; so most of the ads are made simply to attract a great audience.

But along with this, it should also consist of a Wow factor to attract maximum audience.

The advertisement must explain how the product would benefit you, why it is valuable and what are its features.

It helps the people in being aware of the new product in the market. It also creates goodwill for the industry and gains customer loyalty.

Investing in Innovation

In order to survive in the Red ocean, and avoid misfortune, it is essential to invest in technological innovations. Exceptional services can help to steal the heart of clients.

Customer Satisfaction should always lie at the priority for any business regardless of which industry it belongs to. If it does not take care of its customers, then it could lose its identity in the market.

For satisfying the customers, it should be available with all the needed resources. So a company should provide all the needed resources on time, and bring innovations to it.

This would always help the company to survive properly in the Red Ocean. Because these limited resources would bring maximum productivity to the business.

Change of Business Model and Strategy

Change, business, model, strategy

All the industries provide different kinds of products to increase sales and build a reputation. Like when a company offers varieties of products, then the consumer sort out very few products out of it.

With the more number of products getting launched in the market, there is a huge requirement of maintaining the quality of the product as well. Because the product without quality becomes useless.

The quality contributes to the creation of the brand identity and thus enables the customers to purchase the product. So an industry always looks for a quality delivery along with the quantity.

There exist some outside forces that often affect the business, and move it into the Red ocean which would make it difficult to survive.

So to overcome the misfortune, and survive in the Red ocean, the company could also change the business model and strategy.

It would help to maintain the stability of the position in the market, which would again help to maintain the quality and satisfy the needs of the customers.

Whenever any organization takes care of its customers and satisfies their needs, then that firm escalates its business to the highest peak and gets prosperity in hundredfold.

Evolution of Products and Services

If a company is very well reputed in its services, delivering high quality to its customers.

But if it does not bring a twist in the services or products with the change in time; if it fails to update itself with the new fashion or strategy then it would have to face the fall in the market.

So a company needs to bring changes and updates to its products, identity or logo to get associated with the heart of the people.

An organization needs to reflect its innovation to highlights its quality consistently in the market. It needs to bring new features to the products, which would add value to it.