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  • 1 Oct 2022

  • 1 Oct 2022

Jamsetji Tata: The Man Who Built India

With honest and straightforward business principles, close and careful attention to detail, and the ability to take advantage of favorable opportunities and circumstances, there is a scope for success.

The Tata Group was founded around 153 years ago and is continuously climbing with time. The efforts of the Tata family were behind the success of the Tata Group, but the efforts and contribution of the father of the Indian industry Sir Jamsetji Tata were more in this, as he was behind the foundation of the group.

He was born on 3rd March 1839, in Navsari, a city in southern Gujarat. His family belongs to the minority group of Zoroastrians or Parsees. He was born in a respectable, but the poor family of priests. His father Nusserwanji, was the first businessman in a family of Parsi Zoroastrian priests. His mother tongue was Gujarati. He completed his school in Navsari and for further studies went to Elphinstone College of Mumbai. From the age of 14, he started assisting his father in his business. After completing his graduation, he joined the business. After working for 10 years with his father, he started his own business with the textile, which is the present-day Tata Group.


1. First Steel Plant in India

Jamsetji Tata, founder, First Steel Plant in India

He started exploring different places in the world and found that to bring industrial evolution to any country the first thing is to establish a steel manufacturing plant in the country, and he dreamed to bring this steel manufacturing plant in India in his childhood. In the year 1882, he read a report which informed him that at some distance from Nagpur, there is one Iron Ore reserve in the Chanda district, which reminded him of his dream that he had some years ago. He found that the place has many technical issues, so dropped his idea. But he did not lose hope and decided to establish a steel manufacturing plant in India. Then at the age of 60, in 1899, he found some reports which mentioned that there are many places in India where there are chances of getting Iron ore and Coal.

He went to London and told about the steel manufacturing plant to the British government. They liked the concept and granted permission. In order to take technical support, Jamsetji went to America. To avoid the impossibilities and achieve success, he was taking the help of talented people. He took the help of Geologist Charles Weld in America and persuaded him to survey India. After that, a survey was done at different places of India to find which place is suitable for the manufacturing of Steel plant, and after a long time, a suitable place was found, which is presently known as Jamshedpur, which is a famous city named after Sir Jamsetji Tata.

2. Indian Institute of Science

Jamsetji Tata, founder, Indian Institute of Science

Sir Jamsetji Tata used to understand the importance of education very well, so to increase the level of education in India, he wanted to open a research university. To achieve this dream, he formed a team that used to work only in this field. He placed the idea of this project before the British government, but he did not get positive feedback from them, because the British government assumed that there were hardly some people in India who wanted to pursue higher education.

If any person acquires so then also he was not used to get job opportunities in India. But Sir Jamsetji knew that one day this dream will come true and that time there will be a need for educated people in the industry, which is why he never loses hope and consistently chased his dream. After his death, in 1909 the government accepted his proposal for the university, and the Indian Institute of Science which was a research university was established in Bangalore.

3. Taj Mahal Palace Hotel

Jamsetji Tata, founder, Taj Mahal Palace Hotel

Sir Jamsetji Tata has traveled to many countries in the world and understood tourism and its importance in the economy. He found that there were many places to explore in India but still there was a very less number of tourists that used to visit India because there were not any good hotels in India. So to increase tourism in India he decided to form a chain of luxury hotels, then he founded the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Mumbai.

4. Hydroelectric Power Plant

Jamsetji Tata, founder, Hydroelectric Power Plant

When Sir Jamsetji Tata traveled to America, he got influenced by the Niagara Fall Power Plant and decided to make a hydroelectric power plant in India. During those days, factories and textile mills were emerging in Mumbai. Due to this, the level of pollution increased in Mumbai. To save Mumbai from pollution and give a force of renewable sources of energy to India, he started working on a hydroelectric power plant. After his death, this project was completed by his sons, and the Tata Power company was founded on the basis of that project.

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