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  • 10 May 2022

  • 10 May 2022

Kerala to Krakow: Logo of the month of April 2022

Kerala 2 Krakow

Kerala 2 Krakow, logo, April

The food business marks its importance in being trendy in almost all areas. It is growing rapidly with most of the restaurants and hotels. Restaurants and Hotels in Kerala bring a delicious taste to the customers, which makes their mood delightful.

A smartly designed menu offered at the restaurants makes a significant impact on the customers. The company aims to provide the customers with high-quality food at restaurants at Krakow, which will serve the customers with Kerala food, and target all Indian food lovers.

Logo Concept

Kerala 2 Krakow, logo, concept

Kerala 2 Krakow is the type of Iconic Logo. The given logo represents the spoon, fork, and Boat racing of Kerala, which is considered as the grandest tradition in Kerala. It signifies the restaurant gives a traditional feel, which keeps the customers engaged with its services.

The colors show brightful aspects of the industry, which are associated with meanings of joy, and warmth, associated with the success of the organization. It denotes the stability and balance of the industry while facing merits and demerits.

It is characterized in an exceptional manner, that spreads creativity to the fullest, satisfying the needs of the target audience. The Logo is simple and exceptional in its aspect. Its appealing formation helps to stabilize it on the path of professionalism without affecting its uniqueness.

Iconic Logo

Kerala 2 Krakow, Iconic, logo

An Icon Logo is associated with the attribute that promotes brand recognition in the market. It helps to empower the industry to differentiate its product services from the other creatives with much greater effects. The given logo is an Iconic logo, which is elegant and is appealing to the eyes, and attracts the attention of the customers in a exceptional manner.

Iconic logo design is a symbol that conveys strong, appealing aspects and ideas that make it recognized in a convenient way. It shows straightforward nature and bold representation of a company. An icon can be in the shape of a recognizable item, it is typically changed in an abstract way to make it stand out in an appealing way.

Color Concept

Kerala 2 Krakow, color, concept

The logo shows the Fork, spoon, and water waves are associated with the Dark Orange (#A36400) color highlights enthusiasm, creativity, and encouragement, and the association of the Dark Green color (#005B3A) with the Umbrella and Boat signifies the freshness and liveliness that shows the natural essence, that gets aligned with the business perspectives and attracts the attention of the customers.

It is selected based on their tastes and preferences. Most of the designers would do best to refer to the basics of color theory. One of the simplest aspects of the given concept is the use of the proper color combination, which goes with the business perspective. This shows the artistic creation of a designer who created a color combination that attracts the interest of viewers.


Kerala 2 Krakow, font concept

The given logo is associated with the Bebas Neue font, which is a display family which is suitable for headlines, captions, and packaging. This font is associated with clean lines, elegant shapes and a blend of technical straightforwardness. It marks its attribute in being uniformly proper for web, print, commerce and art, along with making advertisements and billboards look strong and inviting.


Kerala 2 Krakow, logo, monotone

Monotone logos are generally associated with Black and white colors, which are monochrome versions of the colored logo. Monochrome uses a single color throughout the logo design process. It is not associated with any other contain or any other effects, shadows or shades other than the single color. It brings a fruitful result when used in a proper way, and is comfortable for the eyes to see. These logos marks their importance in being used for the printed products.


Kerala 2 Krakow, logo, April, 2022
Kerala 2 Krakow, logo, April, 2022
Kerala 2 Krakow, logo, April, 2022
Kerala 2 Krakow, logo, April, 2022