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  • 8 Jun 2022

  • 8 Jun 2022

Microsoft Corporation: Empowers To Achieve More

Microsoft is an American Multinational Technology Company, which produces with Computer Software, Computer Electronics, and Personal Computers. The company publishes books, produces its own tablet computers, and also offers e-mail services, and sells electronic game systems.

Microsoft expanded its business in the electronics sector. It released Microsoft Windows as a graphical extension for MS-DOS. In the year 1990, the company came up with Microsoft Office which brought Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

It is associated with the Windows Operating System, Office Productivity Applications, and Azure Cloud Services, along with Xbox Games, LinkedIn, GitHub, productivity applications, management tools, browsers, and many more.

Mission Statement

To empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.

Vision Statement

To help people and businesses throughout the world realize their full potential.


Microsoft, logo

Microsoft established itself as one of the most creative software brands. Its operating system, Windows, and the line-up of Office software products highlight the exceptionality of its services. The image created by the company made it a brand that will last in the minds of the people for a long time.

MS Office 365 consists of a combination of four colored squares. Square is another example of Geometrical that marks its importance in depicting the balance on all the sides. It highlights the strength and stability that bring a proper proportion to the formation of a logo. It also develops the sense of power that surrounds the design and highlights a form of protection. This highlights the professionality of the industry that builds up trust with the customers.

This refers to the Iconic logo symbol of Windows. Its multi-colored part indicates that Microsoft 365 includes a variety of creative concepts interlinked with each other to form an appealing design.

The icon symbolizes the Windows system. The design is simply featured with four window panes of different colors, Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow. This window version of the logo got personified from the flying windows to a static one. It also emphasizes the innovation of the company in technology, which it offers people daily.


Bill Gates & Paul Allen

Microsoft, founders, Bill Gates & Paul Allen

Bill Gates co-founded Microsoft Corporation with Paul Allen. He was dropped out from Hardvard University. He later joined hands with his friend Paul Allen, and took efforts on software for microcomputers.

They both established Microsoft Corporation on April 4, 1975. The name Microsoft was suggested by Paul Allen, which came from the idea of short name for Micro-Computer Software.

Their strategic planning, efforts, and enthusiasm established top tech company Microsoft. Their efforts escalated the company in such a way that today people think that what if the company would not be there in the technological world.

Products, Apps and Services

Microsoft, Products, Apps, Services


Excel is used for different purposes, such as - Data entry, Data management, Accounting, Financial analysis, Charting and graphing, Programming, Time management, Task management, and more.

It is associated with many functions, formulas, and shortcuts that can be used to increase its functionality. It shows its importance in being probably used in the finance and accounting functions, as well as used for running the accounting functions in many organizations.

Microsoft Teams

It is a fast-growing app, used by many companies. It is cost-effective and consists the security benefits, and is supported on Windows, MAC, iOS, and Android. It provides a chatting option in the window, that allows chat with the colleagues, which provides a good experience. It is also associated with the features, that create Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents. One can access all the documents with the help of its phone application.


MS Word is the most used tool in all the sectors. It helps in formatting various documents, such as letters, term papers, magazines, books, and many more. It checks the spelling and grammar to make the documents free of errors. One can write and maintain a large volume of text files, edit it anytime, and provides customized assistance. It is used to create resumes, forms, eBooks, letters, applications, brochures, templates, business cards, calendars, reports, and newsletters.


OneDrive is associated with a secure private cloud-based folder, which stores all the needed documents, which can be accessed by any device.
It provides unlimited file access, the organizational platform for files, free-up device storage, along with small or large sharable content across teams, and securely stores files and information, and ultimately supports multimedia and also provides a customizable sync experience. It is an excellent solution for cloud-based storage and content sharing.


OneNote is a personal information management application, which helps to take all kinds of notes into one digital notebook. It helps to create notebooks and sections, and share web content, articles, images, videos, and files with OneNote. It also helps to get us the most recent notes from the home screen of the phone. It performs multitasking in multi-window mode.


MS Outlook marks its importance in quickly sending and receiving emails, which helps in faster communication. Whenever the user fails to attach documents of files, then MS Outlook shows its uniqueness in reminding the users to insert attachments with the email messages. It is associated with the social connectors function that makes it the best communication platform for professionals.


It marks its uniqueness in providing several kinds of features. It helps in making animations, designing, add and edit images and videos. It also helps to add icons to the presentation, which gives a unique look to the design. One can add video clips to the presentation, and also merge images and shapes in the PowerPoint. One can use all the available distinctive features, to make the presentation look exceptional.


It performs its each task appropriately and also helps the people to prioritize the tasks. It consists the shared team calendar, that sends meeting notifications, and helps the people to sync work schedules, and also gives full visibility across the teams. It is mandatory when there is a need of planning the projects. It helps the managers to manage and evaluate the budgets, create schedules, take risks, perform accurately, and many more.


SharePoint is used to create websites and is also associated with a streamlined flow of information and cloud storage, which is easily accessed by mobile devices. It shows its importance in being a secure place to store, share and access information.


Microsoft Windows is associated with programs, that are known as an Operating System (OS) which controls PC. It shows its importance in controlling the storage of images, files and other data, and also controls the hardwares.


LinkedIn is the biggest business-oriented networking website, which provides us the ability to show the profile, expertise, recommendations and connections to employers and recruiters. LinkedIn joined hands with Microsoft to realize a common mission to empower people and organizations.


The company provides Xbox Game Pass to the people, which is a market leader, and offers a variety of games with a relatively low monthly fee. It is associated with cloud streaming platform, which grows every month. The cloud gaming portion provides access to dozens of games on an Android smart device.


Microsoft Search helps us to find the things that we search with the help of its products. One can search with Microsoft 365 from any search box. It can be used conveniently to find the share files, and other relevant content.

Enterprise Services

Microsoft Enterprise Services helps to reduce costs, and also enhances productivity. It uses technology to bring new business opportunities to escalate the business to the height of success.


The company brings devices such as Surface, Xbox, HoloLens, Accessories, Windows Partner Devices, and many more, which brings ease to the work.

Server Products

The company is associated with the server products, such as - Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server, SharePoint Server, and others, which marks its importance in supporting enterprise-level management, applications, data storage, and communications.

Revenue Model

Microsoft, Revenue Model

Server products of the company contributes around 25.92% of the total revenue share, whereas office products and Windows contributes around 25.24% and 16.21% respectively. Gaming contributes 9.05% and Search contributes around 6.06%. LinkedIn contributes 5.37%, whereas Enterprise Services contributes 4.84%, and other services contributes around 2.44%.

Yearly Revenue

Microsoft, yearly revenue

From 2002 to 2017, there were many ups and downs in the revenue stream of Microsoft, but it took great efforts to increase the profit margins, and got fruit of its efforts, which brought an increase in the revenue system from 2018. It got a consistent increase in the revenue stream from 2018, and is still walking on the pavement of prosperity.

[The images are being taken from the registered companies and belong to their respective owners only.]