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  • 6 Jun 2022

  • 6 Jun 2022

Milton Corporation Limited: Aim To Provide High Quality Products

Milton is an Australian Listed Company which marks its importance in being known for its quality products. It was founded in 1938, and was listed on Sydney Stock Exchange in 1958. It is also listed in the Bombay Stock Exchange. It supplies its products in around 60 countries worldwide. It brings innovations by defining its motto - Kuch Naya Sochte Hai. It believes in providing durable products associated with high-quality, that will bring ease to the lives of the customers.


Being one of the most celebrated homeware brands, Milton aims to provide high-quality products that solve consumer problems by continuously innovating, setting new standards, and doing outstanding work.


To be the unassailable leader in homewares by providing Best-in-Class products & solutions that redefine value, convenience, and style.

Share Holding Pattern

Milton, Share Holding Pattern

The shareholding pattern of Milton shows that Promoters contribute around 72.42%. Foreign Institutions and NBanks Mutual Funds do not contribute anything, whereas the general public and others contribute around 19.63% and 7.95% responsibility.


Milton, products & services

1) Drinkware

Water Bottles & Flasks

Water Bottles and Flasks further include subtypes -

Thermosteel Bottles and Flasks

Flagon, Slim, Soup Flask, Thermosteel with flip Lid, and plain lid, Cruet, Optima Mug, Bliss, Rhythm, Boom, Duke, Elan, Elfin, Glitz, Pride, Apex, Duo Deluxe, Duo, Slender, Tiara, Vertex, Spiral, Fame, Mirage, Atlantis, Amigo, Majesty Deluxe, Glassy, Vertex Steel, Pebble bottle with steel lid, and many more.

Insulated Bottles and Flasks

Cafetressa, Carolina, Crystal, Duplex, Ellite, Nancy, Stylo, Steel convey, Kool Athletics, Kool Brook, Kool Crony, Kool Fusion, Kool Hexone, Kool Zippy, Cruiser Water, Kool Rider, Angelina, Armour, Megan, Cool Glossy, and many more.

Copper Bottles

Alpine, Jewel, Copper Charge, Copperas, Copper Crown, Copper Bed Pot, and Copper Delight.

PET & PP Bottles

Ace Flip, Delta, Delta Flip, Spring Flip, Bolt, Even, Freezy, Infuser, KIp Sip, Pyramid Flip, Pyramid, Hector, Prism, Tetra, Arctic, Thunder, Atlas, Comfy, Daisy, Davis, Denis, Ease, Grammy, Impression, Mayo, Oceana, Onyx, Vista, Volga, Arches Bottle, and others.

Steel Bottles

Aqua, Elate, Shine, Steel Sip, Evan, Campa, Eden, Spirit, Alive, Handy, Shimmer, Super, Vogue, Champ, Easy Grip, Gripper, Hawk, Mighty, Max, Promix, Sparx, Virtue, and many more.

Carafes and Dispensers

Carafes include Astral, Bistro, Thermosteel Carafe, Classic, and Omega Coffee Pot, whereas Dispensers include Beverage Dispenser and Pinnacle.

2) Food Storage

Food Storage includes Tiffins, Casserols, Jars & Containers.

Let us have a look at its subtypes.


Hot Meal Thermosteel Tiffins, Tooscany Thermosteel Tiffins, Woofer Thermosteel Tiffins.

Insulated Tiffins

Glint, Legend, Legend Deluxe, Royal Tiffin, Steel On, Cask, Econa, Econa Deluxe, Feast, Mariner Deluxe, Mariner with Handle, Meal Mate, Odyssey, Sheriff, Trojan, and many more.

Softline Tiffins

Meal Combi, Double Decker, Executive Lunch, Flexi, Fresh Bite, Full Meal, Mini Lunch, Nutri Lunch, Smart Meal, Steel Combi, Tiffany, Lifestyle Lunch, Ribbon, Fresh Meal Click, Tasty Lunch, Delicious Combo, Pasto Lunch, and others.

Steel Tiffins

Steely Super Deluxe, Snap Lock, and Robust.


Its subtypes include -

Insulated Casserols

Buffet, Celestial, Celestial Ultra, Convoy Deluxe, Crisp, Delish, Imperial, Orchid, Crave, Crave Jr. Gift Set, Fiesta, and others.

Microwaveable Casseroles

Microwow, and Microwow One Touch.

Insulated Steel Casserols

Clarion, Galaxia, Royal, and Venice.

Jars & Containers

These include Steel Storage and Plastic Storage.

Steel Storage

Steel Clear (square and round), and Steel Pro.

Plastic Storage

Flat Max, I Fresh with Inner Container, I Fresh Sipper, Keepex, Lock Plus, nesto, Pickle Container, Quadra, Quadra Plus, Stacko 360, Stacko 360 Dispenser, Store IT, Storex Clear, Storex Container, Storex Bloom, Vitro, Hexa, Cusco, Salt and Pepper Dispenser, Stack IT Jars, Silo, and others.

3) Kids Range

Kids Range products include Water Bottles and Tiffins.


Bottles are associated with Thermosteel Bottles, Non-Insulated Bottles, and Insulated Bottles.

Its subtypes include -

Thermosteel Bottles

Campy (Chota Bheem), Campy (Shiva) and Kidzy.

Non-Insulated Bottles

Gaiety, Sprint, and Cutie.

Insulated Bottles

Kool Steelight, Kool Stunner, Steel Convey, Steel Racer, Steel Slim, Steel Speedy, Steel Swift, Steel Whizz, Kool Active Pro, Kool Buddy, Kool Cheer, Kool Mate (Barbie), Kool Magic, Kool Kid, Kool fun, Kool Fun, Kool Smiley, Kool Sonic, Kool Spark, and many more.

4) Milton ProCook

Milton ProCook includes Tri-Ply Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Non-Stick, and Hard Anodised.

Its subtypes include -

Tri-Ply Stainless Steel

Sauce Pan with Lid, Casserole with Lid, Fry Pan with Lid, Tasla with Lid, Tasla with Lid 2 Pcs, Kadhai With Lid, and Tope with Lid.

Cast Iron Cookware

Casserole, Grill Pan, and Fry Pan.

Non-Stick Products

Its subtypes include -

Non Induction

Granito - Appachetty (with Lid), and Granito Appam Patra.


Granito Induction - Omni Tawa, Granito Induction Fry Pan, Granito Induction Kadhai, Black Induction Fry Pan, Kadhai with Glass Lid, Black Induction Omni Tawa, and others.

Hard Anodized

Kadhai with SS Lid, Fry Pan with SS Lid, Tawa, and Tadka Pan.

Sandwich Bottom Stainless Steel

Sauce Pan, Sauce Pan with Glass Lid, and Kadhai with Glass Lid.

5) Melamine Products

Melamine products include Dining & Serving, and HoReCa.

Dining & Serving

Spoons & Ladles, Tumblers & Mugs, Plates & Platters, Bowls, Trays, Kids, Soup and Dinner Set & Dinnerware.

Its sub-products includes -

Spoons & Ladles

Adult Fork and Adult Spoon.

Gift Sets

Breakfast Set, Daawat Server Set, Dahi Balla Set, Dessert Set - Strawberry Pie, Dual Bowl, Ethnic Serving, Fine Dine Serving, Jashna Server, and Shahi Server Set. It also provides the Starter Server Set, along with Swirl Serving, Tea Snack, Tea Time, Timber Bowl, Utsav Server, and Vieena Tea Server sets.

Tumblers & Mugs

Brew Mug, Brisk Cup, Classic Mug, Coffee and Cookies Duet, Coffee and Cookies Server Set, Coffee Mug, Brew Mug, Brisk Cup, Classic Mug, Coffee & Cookies Duet, Coffee & Cookies Server Set, Coffee Mug, Cone Mug, Cuba Mug, Cuba Server, Curvey Mug, Lisa, Milk Mug, Mocha Mug, Tea Server, Tea Tumbler, Tumbler, Vector Mug, Brew Mug Ivory, and Cone Mug Ivory.

Plates and Platters

Chip and DIP Square Plate, Cuisine Partition Plate, Designer Platter, Dip and Eat, Pani Puri Plate, Sandwich Plate, and Snack Plate.


Fruit Bowl, and Snack Bowl.


Handy Tray, Trendy Tray, Splender Tray, Comfy Tray, Camber Tray, Aveo Tray, ARC Tray, and Handy Tray Set.


Kids Bowl, Kids Cereal Set, Kids Feast Set, Kids Fork & Spoon, Kids Glass, Kids Mug, and Kids Partition Plate.

Soup Set

The soup set includes the Lissome Soup Set.

Dinner Set & Dinnerware

Lissome Thali Set, 24 Carat Dinner Set, Smart Serving Bowl, Square Round Dinner Set, Square Round Thali Set, Lissome Dinner Set Ivory, Square Round Dinner Set Ivory, and Daawat-e-Khaas Dinner set.


Its subtypes includes -

Buffet Serving Range

Ambiant Bowl, Biryani Bowl, Bread Basket, Buffet Bowl (Round and Square), Cruise, Dessert Tray, Diva Bowl, Dollar Bowl, Gastronorm Pans, Gourmet Basket, Leaf Platter, Oval Tray, Ramen Bowl, Slanted Bowl, Splender Tray, Square Platter, Triangular Bowl, and Velocity Bowl.

Plates & Platters

Barbeque Platter, Boat Plate, Boat Platter, Chaat Server Pan, Chip & Dip Square Plate, Cuisine Partition Plate, Curvy Platter, Designer Platter, Dessert Platter, Dip & Eat, Dosa Platter, Fish Platter, Flat Platter, Foliage Platter, Gourmet Platter, Hammer Pan, Kabab Platter, Oval Grill Platter, Oval Section Plate, Pani Puri Plate, Pasta Platter, Pine Platter, Salad Platter and many more.


Boat Bowl, Bucket, Curd and Fruit Bowl, Rustic Bowl, Scoop Bowl, Serving Delight Bowl, Snack Up Bowl, Soft Bowl, Spin Bowl, Stackable Katori, Straight Bowl, Velocity Bowl, Wave Bowl, and others.

Tumblers & Mugs

Brisk Cup & Saucer, Classic Mug, Coffee & Cookies Server Set, Lisa Tumbler, Milk Mug, Tumber, Mocha Mug, Stackable Mug, Vector Mug, and Zeal Cup.


Aveo Tray, Camber Trays, Designer Tray, Majesty Tray, and Orient Tray.

Serving Accessories

Round Coaster, Round Hot Pot Plate, and Square Coaster.

Dinner Set and Dinnerware

Ceramic Plate, Floral Soup Set, Iconic Dinner Plate, Lissome Buffet Plate, Lissome Deep Plate, Lissome Plate, Lissome Dinner Plate, Lissome Mini Bowl, Phoenix Thali Plate, Riz Dinner Plate, Royal Oval Platter, Serving Spoon, Square Round Plate, Square Round Serving Bowl, Square Round Small & Veg Bowl, Swirl Small Bowl, Urmi Plate, Yummy Soup Set, and many more.

6) General Household

General Households includes the Bathroom Essentials and Home Essentials.

Its subtypes includes -

General Households

Baby Pots, Buckets, Mugs, Bath Sets, Soap Cases, and Stools.

Home Essentials

Laundry Baskets, Storage, Gardening Accessories, and Waste Management.

7) Euroline

Euroline is associated with Electric Kettle and Electric Tiffin. Its subtypes includes -

Electric Kettle

Insta Electric Kettle.

Electric Tiffin

Swiftron, Electron, Futron, Flatron, and Megatron.

Yearly Revenue Model

Milton, Yearly Revenue Model

Milton is associated with a wide range of products, which satisfies the needs of the customers, and ultimately brings good revenue.
In the year 2017, the company earned 43.63 Crores of the total revenue share.

It earned 38.51 Crores in the year 2018, and 55.27 Crores in 2019. The year 2020 shows the highest revenue earned, i.e. 68.45 Crores, whereas in 2021, it earned 42.73 Crores.

[The images are being taken from the registered companies and belong to their respective owners only.]