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  • 5 May 2022

  • 5 May 2022

Nestle Business Model: Good Food, Good Life

Nestlé shows its importance in enhancing the quality of life and contributing to a healthier future. The company began its journey in 1866, with the foundation of the Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company.

The founder of the company - Henri Nestlé developed a breakthrough infant food in 1867, and in 1905 he merges with Anglo-Swiss, to form the Nestlé Group. The company shows its presence across India with 8 manufacturing facilities and serves the people with its quality products.


Nestle, products

Nestlé comes with several products that include baby food, medical food, bottled water, breakfast cereals, coffee and tea, confectionery, dairy products, ice cream, pet foods, and snacks and many more.


The mission of the company says - Good Food, Good Life, which indicates the mission to serve the people with good quality food, that brings delicious taste and nutrition to the life.

Vision and Values

To be a leading, competitive, Nutrition, Health, and Wellness Company delivering improved shareholder value by being a preferred corporate citizen, preferred employer, preferred supplier selling preferred products.

Business Model

Nestle, business model

Baby Food Products


It is a growing up milk made for young children from one year onwards. It is associated with DHA, Vitamins, and Minerals which contribute to healthy growth and development.

It contains DHA, a special fatty acid found in breast milk, plus a combination of vitamins and minerals which supports and also meets the nutritional needs of the child.


It marks its importance in being the first choice of all the mothers, who wish to give the best taste with nutrition to their child. Cerelac is associated with nutrition, which gets aligned with delicious, and helps the child to feed their tummy. It contains cereals, that provide proper growth, and development to the child. It is chemical-free and provides proper nutrition to the baby.

Cerelac is prepared with Milk and cereals, which is a well-known brand product, that keeps the baby satisfied and happy. Parents always wish to serve their children with the food enriched with all vitamins and nutrition, and hence they bring different iron supplements for their children. Cerelac is trusted by many parents, as it is the combination of Milk and cereals, which helps to satisfy the hunger of the baby.


NAN OPTIPRO 3 Toddler Milk Drink is a premium, nutritional milk supplement made for toddlers from 1 year of age, which is associated with 16 essential vitamins and minerals, which help to fight infection, and make our bones strong and regulate hormones.

It provides an average of at least 50% of the recommended dietary intake of calcium, iron, zinc, iodine, and vitamins B1, B2, C, D, and E. It includes Calcium & Magnesium, which help to support strong bones and teeth. The Iron and Zinc associated with the product help to support the functioning of the immune function.

Medical Food


It is an Original Balanced Nutritional Drink which marks its importance in providing NUTRITIONAL ENERGY to the users. It is associated with 240 nutrient-rich calories and B-vitamins which help to convert food to energy.

It is enriched with 10 g of high-quality protein and 27 vitamins & minerals including vitamins C & D, zinc, iron, and selenium, key nutrients for boosting the immune system. It serves the users with a flavorful taste and does not contain artificial sweeteners, flavors, and colors.


Meritene serves the people with a wide range of shakes and soups and provides protein plus up to 21 vitamins and minerals that help to provide extra nutrition which boosts the energy of the people.

It is designed by the experts at Nestle Health Science and contains High-quality Proteins that help to increase the strength of muscles. It is also associated with Vitamins B2, B6, C & Iron which help to reduce tiredness & release energy. Zinc and Iron present in the Meritene help to boost the normal immune system, and the presence of Calcium and Vitamin D also helps to support bones.


Nutren 1.5 is a calorically dense, complete nutrition tube feeding formula. It is for nutritional management which increases energy needs.
Nutren 1.5 is a ready-to-use liquid tube feeding formula designed for individuals with limited fluid tolerance and increased energy needs.
It is associated with a high-quality casein and soy protein blend which help support lean body mass.

Bottled Water

Pure Life

Nestlé Waters marks its importance in being the leading producer of bottled waters in the world for both the small-format (PET) retail and large-format HOD (Home and Office Delivery) circuits.

Nestlé came up with its own multi-site brand, Pure Life, in 1998, which brought success and prosperity to the company. It encouraged the company to extend its hands in the European market.

Nestlé Pure Life marks its attribute as being the spring water that comes from protected, underground, natural sources and is suitable for all ages with exception of infants under six months. It is very safe and free from chemicals.


Koko Crunch

When people feel to have a breakfast with a delicious flavor that contains a twist of crunch, then they can opt for Koko Crunch, which is associated with flavorful taste, and nutrition. It provides a balanced diet to the people and keeps them engaged with its taste.

The presence of vitamin D, calcium, vitamin B, Iron, and fiber, which brings nourishment and delight to the life of the people. It contains Wheat, Rice, and Jowar, and shows its attribute in not losing its crunch even in the warm Milk, which makes the morning yummy.


Nesplus Crunchy Flakes contains Corn and Oats. Its whole grain is a crucial part of a healthy balanced diet and is associated with nutrition and delicious taste, which makes the morning happy and healthy. It is enriched with B-vitamins, Iron, Folic acid, and Fibre. It is aligned with the crunchy flakes, which makes the mood of the customers happy.

Coffee and Tea


Nescafe marks its attribute in containing antioxidants, that protect the cells from oxidation. It also shows its importance in preventing people from Heart disease and Cancer, and also protects the skin and removes wrinkles. When people feel lazy and sleepy, then its strongness helps the people to improve their performance and remove laziness and sleep. It keeps the interest of the people engaged with it, as it makes them fresh and increases their liveliness.



With the tagline - Have a Break, Have a Kit Kat, the brand offers the people with delicious crunchy taste, which they can consume in the meantime. It is made with the twist of chocolate and wafer, which makes the mood of the people fresh and enthusiastic, also fulfills their day with delight and joy.

Nestle Munch

Nestle Munch shows its attribute in bringing a wafer-based crunchy bar to the consumers, which results in bringing a delightful experience to the people. Munch chocolate makes people fall in love with it, as it brings a flavorful unforgetful taste in each bite.

Pet Care


Nestle also provides its valuable services to pets as well. It marks its importance in providing a range of nutritious products to pets. It has brought Purina for the pets, which provides nutrition as well as a delicious taste, that makes them energetic and enthusiastic.

Dairy Products

Milk products are used by almost all kinds of people. We cannot even imagine our life without these products. It provides us with nutrition, calcium, and protein, which helps in maintaining the health of bones. It also controls muscle contractions, including the heartbeat.

Hence, Nestle found an opportunity to serve the people with such kinds of dairy products. It provided the people with the products - Milkmaid and Nestle Everyday, which bring delicious taste with nutrition.

Ice Cream

Nestle also thought to extend its hands and serve the people with Ice Cream, and hence its business is also available in Ice Cream and has a good market share. Some of its well-known products are Drumstick and Maxibon.

Other Famous Brands


Maggi marks its importance in satisfying the hunger of the people with its delightful taste. Nestle has brought 2 minutes masala, Maggi, to help the people satisfy their hunger in the meantime. It shows its importance in being enriched with Iron, Vitamin A, and Iodine, which brings a delicious taste for the people. It is extremely consumed by the children, as well as by the adults.

Revenue Model

Nestle, revenue model

Nutrition and Health Science contribute around 16% of the total revenue share, whereas 15% is contributed by the PetCare products. Milk products and Ice cream contribute 14% of the total revenue share, and 13% is contributed by the prepared dishes and cooking aids. Confectionary contributes around 9%, and 8% is contributed by water products, and ultimately 25% of revenue share is contributed by the powdered and liquid beverages.

[The images are being taken from the registered companies and belong to their respective owners only.]