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  • 6 Dec 2022

  • 6 Dec 2022

Quikr Business Model: To Connect With The Buyers And Sellers Online

Quikr was founded in 2008, by Pranay Chulet and Jiby Thomas. It is an Indian online marketplace and a free classified ad company, which is based in Bangalore, India. It has listings in the categories of mobile phones, household goods, education, cars, real estate, and jobs.

It marks its attributes in helping users to sell, buy, rent, or discover anything across India. It helps people to find flats, and sell old items or products, such as automobiles, mobiles, laptops, or furniture. The people also use it for advertising the small business, and also to find a tuition class.

The company incorporates turn-taking and noteworthy features to the Quikr experience, which allows people to buy and sell without any harm to privacy. The platform is also associated with the missed call service which allows it to reach people who are not currently online but will come shortly. It is also associated with job advertisements, which help people to find jobs, and has become a popular site amongst people.

Mission & Vision

The aim of Quikr is to empower every person in the country to independently connect with buyers and sellers online.


Quikr, founder, Pranay Chulet

Pranay Chulet and Jiby Thomas are the people behind the success of Quikr. Their efforts made the platform an online classified platform in India.

Pranay Chulet was born in a small town in Rajasthan. Despite being born into a middle-class family, he went to IIT-Delhi institutes. He also worked in management consulting after completing his graduation and later pursued an MBA from IIM-Calcutta. His good dedication to his studies helped him get a job in the US as a consultant. He also pursued entrepreneurship and came up with the first venture Reference Check, which connected service providers with customers. He also founded another company Excellere after getting merged with Walker Digital, but due to some reasons, it got failed.

He was working on a gaming project in 2007, and for this, he wanted the assistance of some people. To search the people related to his work, he came up with a site, and he got the idea that such kind can be started in India as well. This was the time when he came up with Quikr in 2008, which became one of the popular platforms as it provided the facility for people to buy and sell old items.

Business Model

How Does It Work?


The platform works with two customer groups that it serves via its marketplace. The first group of customers includes online shoppers, and the second one is associated with sellers. The online shoppers mark their presence to buy products in an aggregated and diverse marketplace, whereas the second group increases their online visibility to sell their products quickly. The platform marks its attribute in including individuals and small businesses as well.

Online Shoppers

Quikr provides a wide range of products that are aggregated in one marketplace and creates fruitful value for the online shopper. It includes the products such as mobile phones, automobiles, real estate, and household goods and is also associated with jobs and education services.

It helps customers and small business persons to sell, buy, rent and find things conveniently. It deals with the issues that are associated with security and trust and build up trust in the eyes of customers. It allows people to make online payments, and collecting the items, and deliver it to the buyer from the seller.

This helps to build good confidence in buyers and sellers, which creates a bond between them. The platform also provides an option to return the product to the delivery person if they are unsatisfied with it.

The platform marks its attribute in transferring the money to the seller only after making sure if the customer has received it and is satisfied with it.

Small Businesses

Small and big businesses do marketing on the platform by posting ads on it. They can place the ads without any barriers and get their products marketed. It is associated with multiple features that allow uploading multiple images along with written descriptions.

It also offers an opportunity for businesses by providing contact details for buyers so that they can reach them directly. Some businesses try the premium services provided at the platform to get growth. These premium services are paid services that provide good response and ranking. The small businesses also get an opportunity for signing up with a small fee for - Leads on SMS to get customers from their locality.

Revenue Model

Quikr, revenue model

Advert Selling

The platform is associated with a profitable monetization strategy which is used by the owner of the classified apps and is used to get revenue through the ads for other products and services and charge a good amount to show the ad and get money through ads.

Featured Listings

The platform safeguards increased visibility by displaying in the top blocks of the app, and the sellers have to pay an amount of fee to the authorities of the app.

Transaction Commission

The platform is associated with in-app payment options that allow the customers to make a transaction with the seller, where the app holder gets a fixed amount of fee or a specific part of the transactional amount, and is the most preferred revenue model as it does not allows the sellers to pay for anything and also get value in return.

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