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  • 6 Apr 2022

  • 6 Apr 2022

Reliance: Types of Business and Revenue Model

Reliance Industries Holding Private Limited is a private Indian Non-Government Company. Reliance Commercial Corporation was founded in 1966 as a polyester firm by Dhirubhai Ambani. It was renamed Reliance Industries on 8 May 1973. It is the largest private sector company in India on all major financial parameters.

Mission & Vision

Religion, Mission, VIsion,

Its mission is to provide the best and most value-adding advice within the advisory expertise areas and be an independent sparring partner and offer excellent advice for the clients within the advisory expertise areas.

Its vision states to consistently exceed the expectation of clients for professional and value-adding advice and to be the first call of clients and preferred collaboration partner within our advisory expertise areas.


Reliance, founders

Dhirubhai Ambani

Dhirubhai Ambani is the founder of Reliance, who has been honored with Padma Vibhushan for his contribution to the trade and business of India. After completing his school studies, he migrated to Yaman and worked as an accountant for the company A. Besse and Co. He learned all the crucial skills required for the business, which helped him to escalate the business in a hundredfold.

In Aden, Yaman, he had worked as an accountant for the company A. Besse and Co. and he had learned financing, accounting, and so many skills that are most important for the business. He marks his acclaimed as the top businessman of the 20th century and lauded for his dynamic, pioneering and innovative genius, Dhirubhai was an inspiring leader with sterling qualities.

Mukesh Ambani

The son of Dhirubhai Ambani, Mukesh Ambani is now Chairman, Managing Director, and Largest stakeholder of the Reliance Industry.

He took his efforts in escalating the business of his father and came up with a petrochemical and refining business. He brought and directed Jamnagar Refinery and later came up with Jio Telecommunication under the brand name JIO.

Business Models


Reliance Retail, business

Reliance Retail acts as an epicenter of consumer-facing businesses and has created a strong bond with the customers. It was founded in 2006 and has served millions of customers with it by providing them outstanding value proposition, superior quality, and unmatched experience across all its retail stores.

It marks its importance in being a world-class shopping platform, which provides quality services to the customers. This also operates supermarkets, hypermarkets, wholesale cash, carry stores, specialty stores, and online stores and provides access to all kinds of products to all the customers.

It marks its importance in being the largest retailer in the country and brings betterment and a large number of farmers and small producers to the forefront of the retail revolution by partnering with them for growth.

Reliance Petroleum Ltd.

Reliance Petroleum Ltd, business

The company brought up the opportunity of working with the global refining sector. In 1991, it brought a subsidiary which is known as Reliance Refineries Private Ltd, which was later known as Reliance Petroleum Limited.

In 1993, the company further continued to lead financing channels in India and became the first company to raise capital in the foreign market in Luxembourg. It finally got its opportunity to enter the Oil and Gas industry in 1997, when the Indian oil industry has reached a state of collapse.

Refining Business

Reliance, refining, business

Refining marks its importance in holding core values of the business, as it purchases crude oil from overseas markets. It, later on, refines it in the refineries and produces petroleum products.

It also exports these petroleum products to other countries, which helps to bring more productivity to the business. Most of the revenue of the Reliance Industry comes from Refined Petroleum products.

After the Refining, Reliance sells these petroleum products in the Indian and overseas markets. Reliance mostly exports its petroleum products to other countries. Most of the revenue of the Reliance Industry comes from Refined Petroleum products.


Reliance, petrochemicals

Petrochemical marks its importance in being a second major business in Reliance industries. It brings more productivity to the business, ultimately taking it to the height of success. The business also markets petrochemical products like Olefins and Aromatics which is used to make detergent and plastic.


Reliance, network18

Reliance Industries has combined its media and distribution businesses into a single entity, Network18. Under the Scheme of Arrangement, TV18 Broadcast, Hathway Cable & Datacom and Den Networks will get merged into Network18 Media & Investments. Through its subsidiary, the company marks its attribute in operating several television channels in the genres of news, business, and general entertainment.


Reliance, Jio

Reliance Jio came into existence in the year 2007, with its headquarters located in Mumbai. Jio offers a 4G network and has its approach to the national network. In order to provide voice service, it also provides LTE voice-overcurs to its customers, which attracts the interest of the customers.

Jio marks its importance in bringing a massive digital ecosystem for the people with domain expertise across business verticals in the platform company. It serves the people with digital solutions across business verticals. It has created the most advanced digital ecosystem by bringing financial services, gaming, education, healthcare, agriculture, and many more services for the people.

It attracts the interest of the customers by providing them free voice calls along with the 1GB of data, and currently, the network provides gets Rs. 150 per month average revenue per user (ARPU). It has announced its tariff plan with the basic tariff of Rs. 149 per 28 days with free unlimited voice calls and data.

Reliance Jio makes a promise to shape the future of India by bringing end-to-end digital solutions for businesses, institutions, and households.

Reliance vision states that broadband and digital services will no longer be luxury items. These are necessities to be consumed in abundance by consumers and small businesses alike. The initiatives are truly aligned with the Government of India Digital India vision for nation.

It marks its importance in providing free voice calls for the customers from its awesome services. It has opted a significant and unique business model with the formula of - Unique Selling Point.

Jio has come up with its unlimited offer by providing an unlimited offer with 4G and offers a broad range of services like high-speed Internet, free voice calls, unlimited texting, and many more, which has attracted the attention of many people towards it, that brings more productivity.

It has built a successful customers base with its unlimited offers, which has always been fruitful for the customers. It has also offered the people affordable services which always keep them engaged with the services of Jio.

Jio Apps

Jio Chat

Jio Chat has associated with the features from already existing famous chat messengers. It marks its importance in allowing the share of files upto a size of 100MB. It also connects to up to 5 friends through audio/video conference, and also allows interaction with various brand channels available, and gets access to video strips from various media channels.


Jio TV app offers 350 channels and past 7 days aired shows, ultimately providing the channels in English, Hindi, and other regional languages. It marks its attribute in setting reminders for different shows and also locks the screen, and the people can play and pause the show with ease.


JioMusic is associated with a wide collection of music, which offers users a way to create the playlist of their choice. It brings music in almost 20 Indian languages and consists the international music as well.


JioMags is a reading app that is available with lots of magazines and other content. It sends notifications about a new issue, downloads content for offline use, and also can preview issues.


With the help of JioDrive, one can share any type of file of any size over this app, and it provides access to easily back up smartphone data.


This marks its importance in scanning the device and protecting it from viruses. It also shows its attribute in restoring contact information if it gets deleted accidentally. It locks the phone when the SIM card is removed and helps to protect the data on the device.


It is available for reading news quickly, as it provides access to various newspapers. It also comes with different interacting animations that bring a good reading experience for the people. Reliance Jio generates its source of income in two major ways- Charging extra per unit and selling more units.

Revenue Model

Reliance, revenue, model

The Financial Services of Reliance contributes 0.16% of the total revenue share. The Digital Services marks its contribution of around 8.44% with its Jio services and 17.91% of contribution in Petrochemicals services. Its Organised Retail business has two brands Reliance Fresh and Reliance Digital and contributes around 20.09% of the revenue model. The refining and marketing business model contribute around 48.17% of the revenue share.

[The images are being taken from the registered companies and belong to their respective owners only.]