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  • 7 Oct 2021

  • 7 Oct 2021

What is the role of a slogan in terms of marketing strategy?

Impossible is nothing; Open Happiness; Impossible is nothing; The ultimate driving machine; Have it your way; The power of dreams.

What is this? Are you aware of these slogans mentioned above? Which brand slogans are these? Pressurize your brain and think what are these?

Remembered or not yet? Let us have a look.

Most of us know about the brand and not their respective slogans, this is the reason why we fail to recognize the slogans. As all of us know KFC, enjoys its taste to the fullest but how many of us know its slogan?
The result says the rarest of the rare knows this.

But do not worry, because as for every problem there is a solution, like that for every complex question there is an answer; the thing is that we just need to explore it. To understand the role of slogans in the marketing strategy, let us go through the article.

What is Slogan?

A slogan is a phrase used for advertising in the market for promoting the idea of the industry with the help of few appealing words, that helps the customers to recognize the brand identity delightfully, ultimately building up its status in the market. For example, Apple - Think Different.

Slogan, Apple

What is a marketing strategy?

Marketing strategy is a long-term plan of any organization or business to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage by understanding the needs of the customers, ultimately satisfying their needs.
It encompasses the company positions itself, to the creative, the strategic partners, the media relations, the marketing mix, and the channels.

A marketing strategy contains the value proposition, brand messaging, data on target customers involved in the industry; and other high-level elements as well. A thorough marketing strategy involves the product, price, place, and promotion.

A clear marketing strategy should revolve around the value proposition of a company which communicates to consumers conveying what the company stands for, how it manipulates, and why it deserves its business.

Types of Slogans








Business Slogans.

It is a short phrase that consists of a brief representation of a product or company. A slogan plays a crucial role that evokes emotions and ideas and associates them with a brand, product, or service. Slogans are could be easily remembered and can become part of society. For example, Just Do It - said by Nike helps to expand the business in the market with full confidence. Its positive confidence has made its image in the market.

Advertising Slogans.

As all of us know that these are the one that lasts in the mind These short phrases are used in advertising campaigns to generate publicity of a company. These may be used to attract attention to an exclusive product feature or reinforce the brand.

If an advertising slogan enters into the public, word-of-mouth communication may increase consumer awareness of the product. This may benefit the product or brand to get a name and fame in the market or cause a company to adopt it for long-term advertising and identity. For example, Nestle - Good Food, Good Life.

Slogans, Nestle

Descriptive Slogans.

As the name suggests, these build an image of the work your business does. It is an excellent choice if you wish to distinguish your business from other competitors.

They are specifically more useful for brands with non-descriptive names. But slogans have to be short, precise, and crisp. So while going with this, we could not create a generic and boring one.

These are created for the long-term corporate identity process, while others are interested in specific limited-time. However, since some ideas resonate with the public with persistence, many advertising slogans retain their influence even after general use is discontinued. For example, Diary milk – A glass and a half in every half-pound.

Commanding Slogans.

Commanding slogans are brand in itself as it is associated with the powerful words. They carry a strong image that is used to persuade any customers easily. These slogans can convince consumers to make purchases without a doubt. For example, Nike – There Is No Finish Line.

These slogans could be considered as a piece of a sentence that follows the line of stardom, superiority, and attitude. It shows the power that traipses the attention of the target customers in any way.

Persuading Slogans

As the name suggests, these shows the attribute to persuade the audience in a wise and wide way by highlighting its service. It conveys to the customers why the business or particular product is trustworthy and helps to solve their problems. For example, Kit-Kat – Have a break, have a kit-kat.

Creative Slogans

As creativity lasts in the originality, so the Brands that develop a creative slogan, essentially raise the bar to a new level. Creative slogans, more often than not, male use of a literary device to enhance recall and response from consumers.

Creating a creative type of slogan may be harder than it looks because along with thinking outside the box, you have to avoid overwhelming the customers with something that would go above the imagination.

Emotive Slogans

This has its roots in emotions. They try to approach attract the feelings of the customers. Now this one is one with immense psychological research support. Emotive slogans are made with the intent to awaken an emotion of the customers for the brands.

Therefore, it goes beyond merely providing information about your product or service. Perhaps the most popular example include DeBeers – A Diamond is forever.

Importance of Slogans

A slogan helps customers recognize your company and tells them what to expect from you. If it sticks in their mind, your business will too. Lots of companies use a slogan or tagline alongside their logo and brand name, to influence how the public approaches them.

Now let us have a look at some famous slogans that are well known to its customers.

Slogans, Coca-Cola

1. Think Different - said by Apple to highlight the uniqueness of the product.
2. Open Happiness - Coca-Cola by this try to approach the customers in a frank way by providing them happiness.
3. Impossible is nothing - Adidas tries to arise the courage within itself that gives inspiration to its customers.

Brand Positioning and Recognition:

A catchy slogan is a key component that helps to build the brand identity. So having a catchy and memorable slogan would help in creating brand recognition in the market. The tone and language of the slogan help in the brand positioning in the market.

Building better Customer Relations:

Slogans have dependably been treasured as the extension to fill the gap between a business and its related customers for a continued relationship. Customizing the brands with slogans helps the audience to recognize the business that helps to make strong trust and bond as per the marketing strategy.

Helps to Stand Out:

Having a distinctive ad slogan makes a brand, product, or service of the industry stand out from others in the market. It creates a unique identity of your brand which lasts in the mind for a long time. They can identify your brand with the slogan event without the product or brand name. For instance, Im loving it, reminds everyone of Mcdonalds that lasts stands out in the market with its long-lasting effects.

Increase Demand for the Product:

A slogan has the aim to tell a lot about the product, service, or brand; for example, what is a product all about, what its qualities and attributes are, and what the audience can benefit from it. In short, it is the way people look at a product. So having a slogan is an effective way to make your product desirable in the market.

Slogans are considered as one of the effective ways to draw the attention of the customers to the brand and its products, it also helps the industry to stand firmly in the market with optimism. It gives a delightful feeling to the heart by bringing a smile to the face as it consists of some soulful and exclusive words that describe the brand identity. It not only gives the customers commitment but also tells them what the service, product, or brand stands for.

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