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  • 11 Feb 2023

  • 11 Feb 2023

Shark Tank India Season 2: Episodes 27 & 28

Episodes 27 and 28 of season 2 of Shark Tank India showed the investments given to the companies - Green Snack Co., Zoff, and Cloudworx.

The show cultivates and promotes entrepreneurship in the country, providing a platform for entrepreneurs to showcase their ideas and receive feedback from experienced Sharks. It is beneficial for aspiring entrepreneurs and individuals interested in starting a business. It helps in boosting their brand recognition and helping them reach new customers.

This blog throws light on the founders of Green Snack Co. who want to reach all those people who strive to better their lives as well as their health through Shark Tank India they want to. The founders of Zoff added spice to the conversation with the judges, who came up with the vision to become among the top five spices players in India and the number one online spices player in the upcoming 5 years. The founder of Cloudworx came up with the vision to make the metaverse simple and accessible.

Green Snack Co.

Green Snack Co., company, Shark Tank India, season 2

Founders: Chetan Sharda & Jasmine Kaur.


Founders Conveyed:

The founders asked the Sharks - does this happen to you? The journey from a morning high-protein breakfast to a healthy homemade lunch is very easily made. But the moment the clock strikes 4, the world comes to a halt. You become oblivious to your surroundings, the only thing you are cognisant of is your hunger pangs, and then you gorge on Samosa, Pakoras, Biscuits, and Fried Chips. The founders had a solution for the 4 pm hunger pangs! The superhero of snacking, Green Snack Co.!

Their products are made of ingredients that are healthy for the body. They were available in 30+ cities and 5 export markets before COVID. Around 10 Lakhs+ customers have tried their products. Through Shark Tank India they want to reach all those people who strive to better their lives as well as their health. The Fiery Spice Quinoa Puffs product is their best-selling product.

Their online sales are 15% and offline sales are 85%, in which quick commerce is 20% and 65% is domestic and international distributions, modern trade is 50%, HoReCa & Cinema Halls is 20% and general trade is 30%. Their annual sales in FY 2017-18 were Rs. 2 Cr, and Rs. 7 Cr in FY 2018-19. In FY 2020-21, their annual sales were Rs. 2.5 Cr and in FY 2021-22 it was Rs. 4 Cr. They raised Rs. 1 Cr in 2016 with Rs. 13 Cr post-money valuation, and in 2017 they raised Rs. 3.2 Cr with a post-money valuation of Rs. 23 Cr. In 2018, they raised Rs. 8 Cr which was convertible. In 2018 and 2020 they raised Rs. 13.5 Cr for Rs. 67 Cr post-money valuation. The burn-in FY 2021-22 was Rs. 1.5 Cr.

Offer from Founders:

Rs. 1 Crore for 2% Equity, for Rs. 50 Crores valuation.

Offer from Sharks:

Vineeta Singh:

Rs. 1 Crores for 8% Equity, for Rs. 12.5 Crores valuation.

Accepted Offer:

Vineeta Singh.


Zoff, company, Shark Tank India, season 2

Founders: Akash Kumar Agrawal & Ashish Agrawal.


Founders Conveyed:

The founders conveyed that Indians prefer everything spicy. Whether it be Bollywood movies or the gossip of the neighborhood aunty. We want everything to be spicy. If we love spices so much, why do we still use the same old spices brands? There is only a handful of brands that looks the same and did not go through innovation for the last 50 years. They were sold loose earlier and now they are packaged. The spice market is worth Rs. 80,000 Cr but 70% sector is unorganized. So the food product that is more adulterated is spices. But these days the spices include Bricks, chemicals, chaff, and even cow dung, which is a research report by Zee News. And to change the landscape of this industry, they present Zoff.

Zoff is one of the best spice brands in central India with cool grinding technology. It comes in unique zip lock packaging, made in proper lab facilities. Its quality is properly maintained. To increase the brand value Shilpa Shetty has been our brand ambassador since day one so we can gain the trust of people.

The company started in 2018, and is available across its own website and also across online marketplaces, such as Flipkart and BigBasket. It is also available in 10,000 retail stores and HoReCa. Their vision is to become among the top five spices players in India and the number one online spices player in the upcoming 5 years. They had 400% online growth in 3 years. Total Capital Employed is Rs. 60 Cr. The projection profit for FY 2022-23 is Rs. 5 Cr.

Offer from Founders:

Rs. 1 Crore for 0.5% Equity, for Rs. 200 Crores valuation.

Offer from Sharks:

Anupam Mittal:

Rs. 1 Crore for 2% Equity, for Rs. 50 Crores valuation.
Condition: Rs. 18 Crores debt from their father will be converted to equity.

Aman Gupta:

Rs. 1 Crore for 2% Equity, for Rs. 50 Crores valuation.

Vineeta Singh:

Rs. 50 Lakhs for 0.75% Equity, and Rs. 50 Lakhs Debt, for Rs. 66.67 valuation.

Amit Jain:

Rs. 1 Crore for 1.5% Equity, for Rs. 6.67 Crores valuation.

Counter Offer - Akash Kumar Agrawal & Ashish Agrawal.

Rs. 1 Crore for 0.75% Equity, for Rs. 133.33 Crores valuation.

Aman Gupta:

Rs. 1 Crore for 1.25% Equity, for Rs. 80 Crores valuation.

Accepted Offer:

Aman Gupta.


Cloudworx, company, Shark Tank India, season 2

Founder: Yuvraj Tomar.


Founder Conveyed:

The founder conveyed that now everyone talks about the future. NFT, virtual reality, and the metaverse. What is metaverse? Metaverse is a new concept in which there are real-world and real-time scenarios are converted into 3D to give an immersive experience.

Metaverse helps you organize games, concerts, events, weddings, meetings, and your business too. He said that even he can also give his pitch using metaverse. Cloudworx is a no-code software-as-a-service (SaaS) Enterprise Metaverse Platform through which one can make the 3D and metaverse app of your company without any code. It is as easy as making a PowerPoint presentation. One can make a digital twin of the company, and also can control and monitor all the key aspects in 3D. It helps you take appropriate action on the available data from anywhere in the world. The Finnish government, Spanish government, and big European and Indian clients are using this product to create their metaverse. People treat 3D development and metaverse development as alien concepts. Their vision is to make it simple and accessible.

The company started in December 2019. The cost of hardware is Rs. 1,660 and software is Rs. 8.28 Lakhs per month. The no-code (One does not need to write a code) framework that they have built provides people with 3D capabilities in their USP. In the first step of Cloudworx, one needs to add elements. The second step asks to create 2D and 3D look-and-feel. The third step builds app workflows. In the fourth step, one needs to design and link all the pages, and the fifth step asks to publish on multiple platforms.

All these applications run on a web browser and do not need any dedicated .exe, Android, or iOS app. An employee of your factory scans even the QR code, then he will be able to access and view the entire 3D model on this phone. In order to achieve this product one needs technical layers. The first layer is the hardware layer, and they have involved protocols on the hardware layer - MQTT, HTTP, XML, and even CoAP for that matter which can just plug and play, and the IoT sensors will work at the first go. In the second step, they are doing in terms of 3D with this network and data. In this layer, 3D and your IoT data, which is ETL, extract, transform, and load. Lifetime sales is Rs. 1.45 Cr. Their revenue in April was Rs. 11 Lakhs and their revenue is around 25%. The sales cycle is of 2 months. They raised an amount of Rs. 71 Lakhs for an Rs. 8 Cr valuation in May 2020.

Offer from Founders:

Rs. 40 Lakhs for 2% Equity, for Rs. 20 Crores valuation.

Offer from Sharks:

Rs. 40 Lakhs for 5% Equity, for Rs. 8 Crores valuation.

Counter Offer - Yuvraj Tomar.

Rs. 40 Lakhs for 3.2% Equity, for Rs. 12.58 Crores valuation.

Anupam Mittal and Namita Thapar:

Rs. 40 Lakhs for 3.2% Equity, for Rs. 12.18 Crores valuation.

Accepted Offer:

Anupam Mittal and Namita Thapar.