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  • 9 Apr 2022

  • 9 Apr 2022

Tata Motors: Connecting Aspirations

Tata Motors is a part of Tata Group, and comes under the leading automobile manufacturer of the world. TATA Motors Ltd . marks its start in 1945 and was initially named as Tata Engineering and Locomotive Co. Ltd. It marks its attribute in contributing in the Indian Economy by bringing prosperity in hundredfold. It creates great demand in the automobile sector, which attracts the interest of the people.


We innovate mobility solutions with a passion to enhance the quality of life.


By FY 2024, we will become the most aspirational Indian auto brand, consistently winning, by

Delivering superior financial returns
Driving sustainable mobility solutions
Exceeding customer expectations, and
Creating a highly engaged workforce


Tata Motors, Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata

The company is headquartered in Mumbai, and was incorporated in 1945.

Tata Group was founded in Jamshedji Tata in the year 1868.

It was founded by JRD Tata, Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata person behind the growth of the Tata Group.

He was a prudent person, who expanded the Tata Group in a hundredfold.

He worked in aviation, chemicals, technology, engineering & manufacturing, cosmetics, beverages, software services, and other services as well.

He believed industrial growth was crucial to national growth, and later set up TELCO, which is now known as Tata Motors.

He also founded Tata Chemicals, Consulting Engineers, and also its Consultancy Services, which is the first software maker of India.

He attracted maximum people with the Tata Motors, which escalated the company to the height of success, and brought prosperity in hundredfold.

Business Model

Tata Motors, business model


It took steps and brought an effortful innovation in the designing of automative vehicles i.e. both passenger cars and commercial vehicles. It marks its importance in being very much committed in designing and developing new vehicles, like the new passenger cars. It has extended its hands and founded design centers at the national and international level i.e. one design center in India in Pune, one in Turin (Italy), and one center TMETC (Tata Motor European Technical Center) in Coventry (UK). These centers show their attribute in having specialization in the latest designing practices, such as digital modeling, architecture, clay modeling, packaging, styling, and many more. It maintains and takes care of its safety, and provides safety and comfort to the customers, which keeps them engaged with the services, that bring growth.


It takes great efforts in world-class manufacturing. It serves its customers with high-class quality standards of manufacturing. The manufacturing plans follow both the latest and advanced technology and bring modern manufacturing practices. The plants of the company consist the state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and also carry the biggest engine development facility in India.


The company marks its importance in bringing quality with its work, which keeps the interest of the customers associated with it, ultimately bringing prosperity at the pavement of progress. Its quality management system makes use of tools, and brings improvement consistently, and reduces waste and variation in supply chain, and prevents defects.

It associates customers with its journey, which engages them with its services. It gives priority to customer satisfaction, and deals with the interest of the people, and provides support. The business improves their sales when they get engaged with the needs and requirements of the consumers, and also provides different facilities and delivers a superior experience to the customers.

IT Services

It has extended its hands and deals with different Information Technology sectors. It brings together all the processes and results in transparent communication, faster decision-making, and information sharing. The company has brought - Tata Motors Service Connect application to provide ease of services to its customers. It brings a convenient way for the customers to get connected with the fruitful services. The application shows its attribute in serving the customers with different features, that help the customers keep themselves engaged with the services.


It is considered as the largest private-sector mobility player in the Defence space of India as it provides a wide range of products.

Value Preposition

Diversified Portfolio

It marks the attribute of its efforts by manufacturing all types of vehicles and fulfills the needs of the customers. It serves its customers with smart, integrated, and e-mobility solutions, and also consists of buses, cars, trucks, sports utility vehicles, and defense vehicles.

Leading Brand

It is the oldest brand in the automobile industry. Its efforts have brought the company to the peak of success and made it a leading brand of the prestigious TATA Group. It has extended its hands to a large extent and has built up a strong network in the market.

Innovation and Technology

The company believes in bringing innovations with its products, which shows the uniqueness of its services. It provides impact designing and utility vehicles, and also new passenger cars with new technology and innovations.

This innovation helps the business to grow, which ultimately, increases the profits. Successful innovation also adds value to the business that helps to increase profits. It brings more efficient technologies which make better products and offers the services, to market the business.

Revenue Model

Tata Motors, revenue model

Commercial vehicles contribute 11.61% to the revenue share, and 7.48% is contributed from passenger vehicles. Whereas vehicle financing contributes 2.01% to the revenue, and 0.07% is contributed from corporate. Jaguar and Land Rover contribute 77.76% to the revenue, and 1.16% is contributed from others.

The company has adopted and works with the dealership method, and consists a wide range of service networks. It has made available different service centers as well as distributors.

It marks its importance in providing the people with a distribution network in is an extensive manner and they display their major launches in their showrooms.

It also makes available spare parts and accessories, which aligns the interest of the customers with it, and also brings new potential customers. The company provides fruitful experience to the clients with its wide extensive network.

Vehicles are purchased by dealers from the company, for sales and distribution. It deals with a good negotiated rate. With its effective marketing strategy, the company provides buses and passenger vehicles as well. The company adopts different strategies, such as marketing investment, and product or service innovation, which helps to raise the growth of the company and bring more productivity to the business.

Advertisements too play the most important role in increasing the productivity and generating sales of the company, because this help to reach a wide range of audiences, and create a brand image.

It offers products that are manufactured at a much lower cost and sell by earning huge profits for the company. This aligns the company with good economical growth and also delivers productive results in the domestic market.

It launches and manufactures its products, to provide comfort, reliability, safety, capacity and value. It walks on the pavement of progress prosperity, with huge investments in terms of product development.

The brand is working on the improvement of the engine efficiency, design, style, and instrumentation of vehicles with its various research centers.

It deals with various foreign companies, which helps to escalate the productivity and revenue of the company.

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