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  • 29 Jan 2022

  • 29 Jan 2022

The Future of Digital Identity

All of us know that the current world is following the route of digital identity, from banking and finance, retail payments, healthcare to voting.
People are using the digital transaction method to make payments. Let us study the uses and role of digital identity in this blog, that plays a crucial role in our lives.


Digital ID has the potential to unlock noneconomic value, and also by providing quantitative analysis, rights protection, and transparency to the people.

It also marks its importance in promoting increased and more inclusive access to education, healthcare, and labor markets. It also can aid safe migration.

Transparency is the major benefit of the given platform. It helps to provide social protection from fraud, helps in a reliable, authentic identity process, and ensures overall integrity. Credentials, user information, character information, and reputation are four functions of it.

Setting up with various systems

The digital identity system requires a vast variety of options with it. Along with this, it also needs strong verification, for allowing security to the identity and personal information of the customers.

The government keeps on bringing numerous online schemes to support transformation. These days, all activities are moving online, and the political, corporate, and social media must work to associate the digital identity within their frameworks. This will also give proper access to basic services, like health, education banks, and many more.

Authoritative Source

When a foundational system creates a register of unique, verified identities, it can provide the basis for secure identity verification for the users of the private and government sector.

It is important to associate the identity proofing process for the government functional ID systems and also the private-sector ID providers, along with the financial institutions.

It reduces the opportunities for fraud to reduce it, and also the need for redundant data collection by the foundational system.

Provides Credential and Authentication

It provides credentials and the authentication to establish an authoritative source or identity information, that can be leveraged by other foundational ID systems.

We know that the authentication is provided to a variety of public and private sector users, and when it is built as a platform then it allows users to leverage their ID systems and authentication instead of building their own which helps to reduce the costs for government agencies and also of the private companies.

Let us see the examples where digital identity is used, which helps to highlight the bright future of the platform.

Current and Future Uses

Username and Password

Username, passwords, digital, signatures

Whenever we go on any website to login or see any content, then it asks for the username.

Because the username is our identification which builds a unique online profile in a specific manner.

When we create our username and password, then it gets saved online.

If any other person comes and creates the same username, then he gets the notification that the username already exists.

This provides security to our personal information properly. The password is the authentication that is known only by us.

Though it is Facebook, bank details, Email account, or UPI transactions, the password saves our identification.

It does not let any other person to login into our account and use it. Passwords can be considered as the platform which reduces the risk of getting the information stolen by any other person.

Birth Certificate

Digital, Birth, Certificate

Birth Certificates play a crucial role in providing identity to a person. These are the cornerstone that establishes the legal identity.

These can be paper documents or computerized printouts, which are submitted with security.

These are in different formats, with proper authentication of the person.

Many countries require the submission of a birth certificate while applying for a passport.

It also marks its importance when applying for school or university admission, license, Pan Card, and many more.

Some countries use digital birth certificates as credentials that have become crucial in the innovative world.

When it is issued securely then it can form a proper framework.

It is crucial to register and get the death certificate also, which helps the family of the dead person to register the other documents in their name.

E-Aadhar Card

Digital, E-Aadhar card,

We all know that the Aadhar card plays great importance in our life. We cannot go anywhere without the Aadhar card. Same as that the E-Aadhar, which is the electronic version of the Aadhar Card could be obtained by inputting the identity online. One can check its status after downloading it, which is available on the UIDIAs official website.

E-Aadhar Card is an electronic card that is made online. It provides authority to approach it anytime, and guarantees of not getting misplaced. It is a universally accepted identity card, which consists of proof of identity of a person consisting of its name, address, contact number, and other information. E-Aadhar is valid identity proof and has been digitally certified.


Digital, fingerprints

Digital fingerprints provide security to individuals and have vast importance in terms of identification.

These are considered as the best identity proof of an individual. Because the signature of a person could be copied, but the fingerprints could not be copied. So it plays a major role in the life of any individual.

These are simple and convenient to use. It does not let the people struggle to remember the last password, as the fingerprints are always with us.

These are non-transferable, and also provide additional security against the theft of sensitive materials. It provides a higher level of accountability at work.


Digital, payments

Digital payments help us to pay directly from the banks, which gives security to the payment method. It not only helps in the transaction but also maintains the records after every transaction.

When the payments are made digitally then it gets easier to explain the spending record. It also helps in increasing the savings, which ultimately leads to an increase in investments.

It provides the people chance to earn more and save more without fear. It has proven to be the most beneficial form of transaction. It does not let us carry money, as we can send cash to anyone from any place with this method.

We many times face the issue of unavailability of change of money. Due to this, we many times find it inconvenient to pay or receive the payment. But with the help of online payment methods, it becomes possible to pay the exact amount in a secured and convenient manner.

Business Cards

Digital, business, cards

The Digital Business Cards contain information regarding the business, about a company or individual. These are shared officially, during a formal introduction, to show the reputation associated with the individual or the business nature.

It includes the name of the cardholder, company, or business-related information and contact information such as street addresses, contact numbers, fax, email address, and website. Let us look at its types in a concise and precise way.

Personal branding has proved to build a strong online presence on the online platform. Business cards can be aligned with the broader reign of personal branding.

Personal ones are not bound up to online platforms, and they play their role on offline platforms as well. It mainly focuses on the positive side, like how the customers recognize it.

If we are an experienced person, and when we go for a deal with full preparations, wearing a formal dress to show impression; then along with these things, a person also needs to focus on some little things that build a long-lasting impression in the mind of the interviewer. Business card plays a vital role in building up the first impression leaving a long-termed impression.


Digital, signature

A digital signature is considered as an advanced type, which is required for an electronic signature. It marks its importance in bringing the enhanced security features, that make it difficult to manipulate.

When a person does the digital signature, then a digital fingerprint gets generated which is then issued by an official authority. It guarantees the authenticity of the signature.

These are the most secured form of signatures that are trustworthy and cannot be misused. This would mark its presence in the future of digital identity, which will bring maximum people using this, ultimately marking its importance.