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  • 6 Jun 2022

  • 6 Jun 2022

Top Nine Logo Concepts: May 2022

In this blog, let us check the concept of 9 Logos of the month of May, designed by the creative designers of the 99Logos team, which highlights their uniqueness from the font, color, infrastructure, and design style.

The logos truly represent the identity, values, and perspectives, of any brand, product, business or company; which would help the customers to get connected with the company easily. The logos - Twin Bowls, Rizado, Clovis, Cypress, Astris Legal, Tandoori Pot, Capitizer, Codeit, and Gameium are designed by considering the business aspects of the clients. Let us have a look on it.

1. Twin Bowls

Twin Bowls, logo

Restaurants mark its importance in offering delicious food to the customers and satisfying their needs.

A smartly designed menu offered at the restaurants brings joy and place a significant impact on the customers.

The company aims to provide customers with high-quality food at restaurants.

Restaurants and Hotels bring a delicious taste to the customers, which makes their mood delightful.

Twin Bowls is a Conceptual Iconic Logo. It represents the two bowls designed appealingly.

It shows the food elements and restaurant chain that provides a connection with its customers.

This signifies the aim of the company to serve the people with delicious taste.

The colors highlight positivity and optimism aligned with the business, which will escalate it towards the height of success.

2. Rizado

Rizado, logo

The Fashion related industry long with the colors and fonts, the symbols act as an extension grasping elements while designing the fashion design.

These designs aim for symbols that reflect the design and perspective of the business.

Rizado is the type of Luxury Iconic logo. It represents women empowerment in an elegant manner.

This symbolizes the harmony of the industry in a bright and divine way through the hands of the clients.

The colors highlight the awakening of knowledge, trust, and wisdom with the group.

The design is luxurious, and it represents the balancing nature. It symbolizes freshness along with happiness, harmony, success, energy, and optimism.

It also indicates the alignment of the company with the interest of customers, which brings progress and achievement hundredfold.

The colors highlight the trust, and creativity associated with the business.

3. Clovis

Clovis, logo

Though the business provides a good meal or a luxurious room to the people to eat and rest, the people get a delightful experience with good hospitality services.

The people are given fruitful services, which satisfy their needs and keep them associated with the services.

Clovis is a Luxury Combination mark Logo designed in a unique manner.

It symbolizes the best efforts taken by the company to approach its customers, which brings a trustworthy feeling.

The colors highlight the determination of the working culture towards progress in a unique way.

The luxurious colors highlight high determination along with passion, harmony, and balance associated with the working environment.

It represents endurance at times of misfortunes and obstacles. It also gives strength to overcome the hindrances aligned in the pavement of progress.

4. Cypress

Cypress, logo

The online nursery platform provides multiple options to choose from the plants.

It is associated with varieties of flowering plants, which attracts the attention of the people.

One can order the plants online with comfort, and less expense.

Cypress is an Organic and Welcoming Logo. The design represents the uniquely designed flower shape in an elegant and appealing manner.

It signifies the online nursery welcomes the people and offers them plants, and satisfies their needs, which will keep them associated with the platform.

This shows professionalism and optimism linked with the business nature.

The color highlights the freshness, positivity and natural essence aligned with the business aspects, and attracts the attention of the customers.

5. Astris Legal

Astris Legal, logo

The given design shows the Combination Mark Logo. The given design represents the initial A associated with Star, and Balance Scale.

It signifies the legal firm provides fair decisions with the right judgment by considering all the evidence.

The design highlights the positivity and hope associated with the legal firm.

The logo also indicates the legal firm acts as a supportive pillar and defends the law, and ultimately brings a trustworthy experience for the clients, and also brings justice to both the sides with right decisions.

The design highlights the protection and optimism linked with the legal firm. The design highlights the wisdom and hope associated with the legal firm.

It shows professionalism in every way. They show positive directions and instructions.

It also symbolizes the bright vision followed by the path of optimism.

6. Tandoori Pot

Tandoori Pot, logo

A non-vegetarian diet has several benefits as it is associated with rich protein and Vitamin B, which helps to strengthen our muscles and ultimately helps them to grow faster.

When people go to restaurants then they make memories with their family members.

Restaurants play a crucial role in gathering communities, which brings happiness and enjoyment.

Tandoori Pot is the type of Conceptual Iconic Logo.

The logo design represents the uniquely designed Chicken in the shape of a pot in a clean and elegant manner.

It shows the restaurant serves the people with delicious non-vegetarian food, which makes them delightful, and keeps them associated with the services.

The colors highlight passion and optimism that conveys happiness, excitement, and enthusiasm.

It helps to escalate the industry to the pavement of success.

7. Capitizer

Capitizer, logo

Capitizer is the type of Wordmark Logo. It is designed in a simple and clean manner and shows a associated with growth.

It signifies the aim of the business to provide proper insurance and loan services, which helps to bring growth to the business.

The design is simple and unique which traipses the attention of the customers by giving delightful essence to the business.

The design is a symbol that conveys strong values and ideas that make it immediately recognizable.

The color represents the professionalism and wisdom associated with the functioning of the company.

It promotes a sense of enthusiasm and energy, passion, and warmth.

It also shows the attributes to recover from the hindrances and disappointments, which enables one to move a bit higher toward success.

This helps businesses, industry or brands to build up their identity in the market.

8. Codeit

Codeit, logo

The information technology sector marks its importance in helping to build and grow the commerce and business sector and bring maximum possible output.

With the advancement of information technology, the business sectors have transformed their outlook and have adopted a modern way, which helps them to grow their business in hundredfold.

IT sector has also established faster communication, maintains electronic storage and provides protection to records.

Codeit is the type of Conceptual Wordmark Logo.

It is a clean, and elegant design, that shows an exceptionally designed i in the form of a semicolon, which represents coding and programming languages.

It signifies the company professionally works on its coding and programming.

The colors highlight the wisdom and harmony linked with the business perspectives.

9. Gameium

Gameium, logo

The given type is a type of Conceptual Combination Mark Logo. It shows a uniquely designed logo with the initial G, associated with growth and joystick.

It shows the clear perspective of the company to provide premium, ads-free and modern gaming services, which satisfies the needs of the customers. The colors highlight an optimistic and trustworthy experience provided to the audience.

A combination mark is simply a logotype and logomark combined into one logo. It combines the text and images to enhance the branding message, and help what a business is all about.

It helps to convey the story about the organization which helps in creating a memorable visual of the brand.

This helps businesses, industry or brands to build up their identity in the market.

The colors highlight the sensitivity and stability in every situation.

It also highlights the creativity of the industry with determination, which takes it to the height of success. It also indicates the uniqueness of the industry to get engaged with the people fruitfully.