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  • 16 Oct 2021

  • 16 Oct 2021

Types of Graphic Designs and their Applications.

What is Graphic Design?

It is the craft of planning and creating visual content to communicate ideas and messages. It is seen everywhere we look from billboards to cereal boxes to mobile apps, when we associate different elements and principles, which can influence the attention of the target customers.

It is also known as communication, as Graphic Designers are essentially considered visual communicators. It is the only way that brings visual concepts to life, most commonly through software, and informs or engage consumers through text, and images.

Types of Graphic Design

Production Design

The production is primarily exclusive, responsible, and sensitive in the industry. It probably has its connection in the film industry. In other film industry, the production is associated with the costume design as well, that uplifts the industry to the peak of progress. It builds up professionalism with the use of stages, sets, films, and much more creativity. It gives a platform to actors to build up stardom in a creative way.


Advertising interacts with the television, print, newspapers, magazines, journals, radio, press, internet, sponsorships, posters, events, colors, sounds, visuals, which helps to give a platform to the industry to get leadership quality. It helps to communicate with people through eye-catching elements. It goes to the maximum number of people in an innovative way. Graphics significantly brings magnificence to the designing that adds essence to the advertising.

Product or Package Design

The product designs deal with the concept that says - the first impression is the last impression. Because any customer accepts the services after seeing the product or package illustrated on the front side. If it is not properly assigned with the graphics, then there would be a lack in the sales. So this is the type that creates the first impression in the heart of the customers, moving the business to the peak.

The publication contributes to giving a unique and recognizable look to the outlook. This specialization of graphic design refers to the techniques and methods used to create visual concepts for product packaging.

Whether it is a chocolate bar, a grocery bag, or a laundry detergent, it will need great packaging innovations. Product packaging supports a companys marketing efforts by helping to spread its core messages to the public.

As a packaging designer, you will be creating original concepts for different product layers to highlight the benefits of the product/ the brand.

Environmental Design

These constitute the form of architecture that shapes the rocks in an artistic manner, by building a bridge between the creators and the viewers. Its elements tend to bring exceptional touch to the environment, providing enlightenment with different perspectives.

Marketing and Advertising

It plays a major role in terms of selling the products, and when it comes to marketing then it becomes mandatory to occupy trust in the minds of the customers. Here comes the use of graphics that publishes the brand through posters, billboards, flyers, catalogs, packaging, or digital advertisements like television ads, video ads, or social media posts. It becomes an asset for the marketing strategies as it creates art formats that speak to the target audience. It involves a strong knowledge of how to sell a product in an appealing manner to target a maximum number of customers.

Web design

It is one of the key elements of the graphics that build the appearance, layout, structure, of the websites, that highlighting the front-facing aspects. It represents a variety of visual elements, like photos, text, and videos, to create appealing content on the internet, that traipse a wide range of views.

Video Game Art

While playing the enjoying video games, we never think about the efforts behind its creation; we just keep on playing. It consists of the efforts of designing an industry that adds enjoyment to the playing content.

Motion Graphic Design

It represents animation in the form of animated imagery, text, cartoons, icons, and many more.

Motion graphic designers create animated concepts for the web, television, and films. This work includes ad campaigns, video explainers, and television and films title sequences.

It is used to bring together all the elements of a story into a visual aspect: the music, the messages, the purpose, the characters.


It aligns with the typography, colors, and visual elements like illustrations, logos, images, and other infrastructure. It deals in highlighting the exceptional work done in a creative way, that provides a submissive and humble nature to the business.

Software used for Graphic Design

Graphics, designs

Adobe Photoshop- Image editing software

It determines how the business is viewed by the target customers. If the design does not contain the wow factor then it would not get connected with the business perspectives.

When this business needs to edit and retouch the photographic images, then there comes the name of Adobe Photoshop which is used in our everyday life. It helps to increase the artistic features to make the website layouts, brighten a photo, make its colors pop using adjustment layers. It also removes the unwanted contents and adds creative effects to each layer of the design.

It helps to build a professional image with the exceptional use of common logos, and images in the marketing materials, website, and social media pages can help in representing sensitivity, professionalism, stability, and uniformity with the industry.

Well planned and executed graphic offers visual consistency all through the marketing strategy, which helps in building the identity of the industry and improve its brand recognition. This consistency and uniformity project a professional image of the business that a large audience.

So if we have uniqueness, so the people will be attracted to it and are more likely to remember it.
A professional and experienced graphic designer can create a logo that is a true representation of business values, which is attractive and unique, and which can help create a positive first impression in the minds of the consumers.

Adobe Illustrator

It is a drawing program. It is not only limited to artists and graphic designers. The industry that creates a website, can create a mock-up with the help of Illustrator, which they can use to create vector images that can be used over a wide variety of platforms.

It is probably used to form illustrations, cartoons, diagrams, charts, and logos as well. It uses mathematical equations to show that highlights the unique features of the industry.

Adobe InDesign

It is desktop publishing software. You can apply basic editing and effects to images in InDesign. You can also create simple vector illustrations using the Tools available in InDesign. It is used to create professional work like posters, brochures, magazines, newspapers, along with making the content suitable for tablet devices in combination with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite.

Corel Draw Graphics

It is an application build especially for the Windows OS; it is now available for Mac as well. With this program, you can create professional vector illustrations. There are powerful designing tools to help you work faster and smarter. You will find numerous customization options, whether you are working on logos, web design, or print projects.

Xara Designer

It is the member that deals with both bitmaps and vectors. The program has the capability to handle desktop publishing, graphic, illustration, photo editing, all in one place. The graphic designing software provides the industry sources that consist of hundreds of template layouts, artistic elements, and over a million archive photos to get you started quickly.


Higher conversions

The key benefit of graphics for businesses is that it can become renowned to the customers that results, which in turn can result in higher conversions. Higher visibility, effective communication, enhanced credibility all the above benefits help in improving sales and revenue.

Building Trust and Goodwill

The graphic helps to create a professional brand image. This professional image helps in building trust and credibility in the minds of the consumers. Building trust helps in convincing the buyers about the quality of the products or services offered.
Companies that have been able to build strong goodwill over the years are the ones that are able to thrive in the longer run. Good graphic design is useful in creating effective communication which can help enhance trust and credibility.

Graphics help in effective communication with the viewers as visual aids are better at communicating ideas. A creatively designed, informative graphic or picture when compared to only words, can communicate ideas and information more effectively.
Professionally designed graphics and images can help in creating a positive impression and effective communication of the message.

Brand Recognition

The major benefit of graphics for businesses is that it helps in establishing a visual identity of the brand which is a reflection of values and goals. The companys logo is used in every aspect of the business communications, right from the stationery, to the brochures to the advertisements or on the website. All of them help in building a strong brand identity. An effective graphic design can offer an instant connection between customers and company values and the products or services offered.