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  • 22 Feb 2022

  • 22 Feb 2022

What is Server Monitoring? Its Tools and Importance

Server Monitoring

Server Monitoring can be considered as the gain of visibility into the activity on the servers, either physical or virtual. The servers are nothing but the devices which mark their attribute in storing and processing the information which is provided to other devices, applications, or users on-demand.

There is a wide range of servers that exists in a wide variety, and hence server monitoring becomes complex. A web server can be a physical device, but it increasingly refers to a virtual server housed on a physical machine shared by dozens of other clients, each running their independent web server system. Mail servers, print servers, and database servers are just a few types of server devices and software.



PRTG, tools, server, monitoring

It is a network monitoring tool, which marks its suitability for both enterprise and small environments.

Also, it can monitor the IT-related resource that gets connected to the network.

It comes in a dynamic way that monitors capabilities that grows with the requirements of the business, ultimately taking it to the height of success.

It marks its attribute in monitoring everything that is needed to know about the servers, such as CPU load hard disk capacity as well as bandwidth.

It also includes key features such as flexible alert methods, multiple user interfaces to choose from, failover-tolerant, distributed monitoring, and customizable maps and dashboards.

It is crucial to understand effective server monitoring which enables effective performance testing and ultimately helps in identifying any issues or vulnerabilities that it might be associated.


Observium, tools, server, monitoring

It is an easy-to-use interface that marks its attribute in providing advanced capabilities for the statistical display of data, along with diagrams and graphs.

It acts as the best tool where one can get information about the networks.

Also used to monitor the network equipment and also the servers that have a huge list of supported devices using the SNMP protocol.

It also displays information indicating the status of CPU, RAM, and other data storage.

Observium marks its great importance that adds auto-discovery and graphical representation to a network of any size.

One can enter the graphical interface and also start adding hosts and networks and ultimately set ranges for automatic detection and SNMP data.

It collects the data for each detected system and also explores the surrounding networks.

Netwrix Auditor for Windows Server

Netwrix Auditor, server, monitoring

Network Auditor for Windows Server helps to inspect system settings and analyze the latest configuration changes for determining the cause of the issue and also fix it before the business processes suffer.

Like one checks the current status of the system, then finds and reviews all changes that were made, such as installation of software and hardware and changes to scheduled tasks, services, and others.


Datadog, server, monitoring

It marks its importance in being as a services surveillance, safety, and analytics tool for developers, IT operation teams, security engineers, and cloud-based business users.

Datadog is surveillance, safe and along with this, it is an analytics tool for developers, IT operation teams, and cloud-based business users. It shows its attribute in being an excellent network service.

Also, combines and automates infrastructure surveillance, application performance tracking, and log management for ensuring that the whole technology stack is tracked properly.


Panopta, server, monitoring

It marks its attribute in helping service providers, businesses track network and server performance in the cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments.

Its cloud monitoring functionality can also perform automatic checks on application performance, disk space usage, load balancers, and many other applications, ultimately providing highly versatile testing, and an automation platform for all major infrastructure devices.


Atera, tool, server, monitoring

It is a versatile tool that shows an ability to customize different locations, and also marks its importance in being an integrated solution that includes everything at a single platform, such as full remote monitoring and management, professional services automation, remote access, patch management, billing, reporting, and more we need.

OpsView Monitor

OpsView Monitor, tool

It marks its attribute in monitoring applications, web servers, and other resources, along with providing complete customization capabilities.

It monitors a comprehensive solution that marks its use by both IT departments and external service providers.

OpsView Monitor shows its key features, such as customizable dashboards, business service, alerts, reports and graphs, process maps, along with infrastructure auto-discovery.

Free and Open Source Server Monitoring Tools


Cacti, tool, server, monitoring

Cacti is the tool that acts as an open-source network monitoring, ultimately offering a solid graphical representation of the network. It associates the LAMP suite i.e. Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP.

It is a standardized software platform that marks its importance in building graphs based on statistical data, which is available free to download. It also marks its importance in returning numeric data.


Icinga, tool, server, monitoring

It is considered as the other great option which is an open-source networking tool, that associates several variations of a web interface.

Icinga began associated with a large number of Nagios plug-ins and configurations, along with a modular architecture and multi-threaded design.


Nagios, tool, server, monitoring

It is considered as a powerful network monitoring tool, which marks its presence in active development for many years.

Nagios enables to continuously monitor the status, services, network channels, and everything else that the IP network layer protocol understands. It marks its attribute as it can be adapted to almost any monitoring task.


Server monitoring marks its great importance in business success. Sometimes small mistakes take the business to the way of troughs, which will harm the productivity of the business. When productivity decreases, it ultimately affects the revenue system.

The product always needs to be developed over time and consistently. This has become an integral part of economic and social life, as it helps in escalating business. Here the monitoring provides all the data that is required, such as memory usage, network, data usage, and many more.

Its basic concept is to ensure its infrastructure is functioning, and it is crucial to understand effective monitoring which enables effective performance testing, and ultimately helps in identifying any issues or vulnerabilities that it might have.

The server hardware, operating system, applications running on the operating system, network traffic, memory, disk utilization, and CPU usage are monitored by this system.

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