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  • 19 Feb 2022

  • 19 Feb 2022

What is Web Hosting? Types and Importance?

Web Hosting

Web Hosting is considered as a service that allows hosting server applications on a computer, by which web-browser client gets access easily to electronic content on the internet. Web Server or Web Host is the system of the computer which provides web hosting.

On most of the websites, the information is read by the people that are present on the web pages. If any interesting and appealing hyperlinks make the heart of the customers or somewhat clients satisfied, then they follow those links by clicking or tapping them to find more information regarding the same.

Besides performing professional tasks one can also listen to music, watch videos, shop, communicate, and much more thing on many websites. It helps and allows people to place their documents, such as HTML pages, graphics, and other multimedia files on the webserver.


Types, web hosting

Shared Hosting

It is considered as the perfect for an entry-level of website hosting. It places the website on the same server. As we know that the domain name is nothing but the website address, which is considered as the entry point to the site. It marks its importance in making a good impression for any website and SEO.

As there is a wide crowd in the market and internet, the website name must be catchy, so that the people will remember how to access it. Make it memorable and check on the internet if already any domain exists with the same name, and create a URL that is SEO friendly. The domains such as Random Access Memory and Central Processing Unit share the same server resources.

A Website provides online visibility and discoverability of the content as well as escalates brand recognition. If there are many backlinks from authoritative sites to our site, then this will provide credibility for our business. The main purpose of a website is to convert visitors into clients ultimately leading the way to profit. The cost of shared hosting plans is relatively low, which makes it a good option for website owners. These come with WordPress Hosting and other web builders.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

It acts like a middle man between the shared server and the dedicated server. It is ideal for website owners who need extra control. It does not need a dedicated server. It also creates and provides storage space that is more customized. The owners who want dedicated hosting move forward and opt the VPS hosting. It also provides benefits to the shared hostings.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Websites come up with endless variety such as including educational sites, news sites, and many more.
Websites are hosted on servers and require a web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer to be visited (either on a computer or on a mobile device).

Dedicated hosting gives the website owners the authority to have control over the server where their site is stored on.
One gets admin access, to control the security system, operating system, and many more. This type is very expensive, and are used by the owners who have high traffic on the servers.

Cloud Hosting

It works in a wide network and tends to bring many computers together to work with each other, and run applications by using combined computing resources.

It is scalable and asks the users to work with as many resources as they need, where they do not need to maintain their own computing infrastructure. If there is a server malfunction, then the resources that are working and are spread across several servers reduce the chance of any downtime. The site can grow over time with the help of many resources.


Colocation allows to co-locate the equipment by providing space, and do not keep the servers inside the private data center. It also provides the things required by a server, which are the bandwidth, IP address, cooling systems, as well as power. Along with this, it also provides space and also gives access to higher levels of bandwidth, and ultimately takes care of the hardware, software, and services.

Managed Hosting

As we know that the landing page should be designed and managed in a clean and organized manner to make it appealing for the viewers. Its primary goal must be making it easy for the visitors. So it is crucial that all the elements of the page work towards these objectives and manage the work properly.

Though it is the filling of a form, purchasing something, or downloading an ebook, all the things should be managed properly, by making it clean and sharp for the visitors. Same as that, these packages have to be managed properly.

For proper management and maintenance, the companies offer technical services such as hardware, software, and proper configuration setup, along with maintenance and technical support. With the proper management, operating systems and standardized applications, as well as hardware, are managed as well.


Importance, web hosting

Data Storage

The data that is stored on the server of the site matters a lot, and it needs to be stored always, as it marks its great importance in deciding which kind of web hosting partner we are opting for.

When the data is stored and managed properly, then it builds up trust in the minds of the people, which ultimately brings traffic to the site. If the owner puts on the limit to the site, then it may discontinue the traffic, so it has to be managed properly to fulfill the needs.

Reliable Customer Service

When the customers notice that the site provides support consistently then consider the site as trustworthy, which ultimately builds with a better user experience.

It ultimately moves a bit forward to build up the base of the customers, and hence achieves credibility and trust in the minds of the customers. A good web host provides reliable customer service whenever needed, and also come up with technical assistance, which supports the customers all the time.

Safe and Stable Server Environment

When the website owner wishes to secure the server to rest the site, then it opts for a good web host provider. It provides strong network space, protects the site, and saves it from hacking, and other cyber attacks. It also keeps the personal data of the client safe.


If there is a slow loading time of the landing page, then it would decrease the traffic at the site. The landing page must be made mobile-friendly, which would give access to navigation on a mobile device with proper speed.

If a company makes its website, then it has to make it easy to access for its customers with good speed. So when any company provides fast loading pages, then that it is easily accessible for its customers.

This would also help to get a fast speed. It offers the user search tools for quick and proper navigation. The users get a good platform to search and get the required content they want.

It proves to be a good platform for the customers, as well as for the company that directly provides proper information about the industry and product. So the speed of the page must be proper.

Technical Support

Though the glitches and lags are avoided, still it becomes a barrier and occurs between the experience of the visitors at the site.

Any owner of the site has to be prepared always to avoid the experience. If they fail to do so, then it can continue to become a hurdle of the way, which would affect the routine of the work.

This many times distracts the owner from the business, due to which the productivity goes down. So the owner must always be ready for the worst scenario.

The web server must be able to respond to crashes and be alert, which would reduce the chances of misfortune. The technical services when used by the owners, then it addresses all the issues and reduces it.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Space and bandwidth are considered as the best benefits that are provided by web hosting. These are offered as per the requirement of the business. So that one can choose a package which best suits the needs. It helps a lot when used in startups, and also helps to increase the traffic.

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