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  • 3 Mar 2022

  • 3 Mar 2022

What is Website Architecture? What are the steps to create it?

Website Architecture

Website Architecture can be considered as the hierarchical structure of the website pages, which gets reflected through the internal linking. The structure of the site should help the users to find the information that they are seeking.

What are the steps to create it?

website, architecture,

Create a simple top-level navigation menu

If a company makes its site, then it has to make it easy to access for its customers. So when any company provides fast loading pages, then that it is easily accessible for its customers. This would also help to get a fast speed.

It offers the users search tools for quick and proper navigation. The users get a good platform to search and get the required content they want. It proves to be a good platform for the customers, as well as for the company that directly provides proper information about the industry and product. The website designer not only develops the web page but also tests the pages regularly for ease of navigation.

Keep your URLs simple and user-friendly.

The users will move on to the other sites if the URLs would not be simple and user-friendly. It would increase the bounce rate of the site. The architecture of any website must be made easily accessible, which would give proper navigation. If a company makes its website, then it has to make it easy to access for its customers. So when any company provides fast loading pages, then that it is easily accessible for its customers.

This would also help to get a fast speed. It offers the user search tools for quick and proper navigation. The users get a good platform to search and get the required content they want, which will keep them engaging on the site reducing the bounce rate.

CMS (Content Management System) empowers the employees to support the globalization efforts and starts by simplifying the process which is used by them. It also allows the employees to reuse the brand components such as the images, designs, and experience immediately. It provides a convenient way for the brand and supports the effort in the process, ultimately highlighting user-friendliness.

Keep your website consistent

The website should be made consistent in every form, mainly in the navigation, and also in other scenarios like designing, landing page, link displays and other elements. As because, it will be convenient for the visitors to navigate the pages easily.

Implement the pillar-cluster internal linking model.

The pillar-cluster model marks its importance in linking the parent page to the other child pages, which forms a cluster later on. It makes the linking structure very clear. This internal linking structure also brings many sites to get aligned together, so that it will attract the attention of maximum visitors, that ultimately moves the site at the top of the search engine.

Provide access to most of your website’s pages in 3-4 clicks

The website architecture should be designed in a way that would allow the users to start from the homepage and end up on any page within 3-4 clicks. The architecture of the site should provide a proper way for the visitor to click through all the sub-category pages.

Use Breadcrumbs.

These marks their attribute in showing the ultimate way of the architecture of the website. These links displays the parent pages of a page to the home page, and shows their presence on the title of the page.

Create an HTML and XML sitemap.

A sitemap is nothing but a document that shows the presence of all the crawlable pages on the site. It is crucial for the architecture of the website because it shows the overall structure in a proper readable manner. HTML acts as user-friendly and is designed for the users who cannot find a particular page, and also engages them.



Hierarchial, website, architecture

Here the information is shown in logical order. It works properly for most of the websites. It is presented as the most popular model online as it is easy to navigate. It marks its attribute in getting adjusted and fitted with all the scenarios. One can also build more complex hierarchies with subheadings based on the intended uses and user. They also show their presence in working with mobile sites, which consist of limited options to a single page and a few links as well.


sequential, website, architecture

Sequential sites are aligned with educational sites, and the structure is based on the style used by print publications.

As the name indicates the structure follows a proper order of sequence which makes it appealing to the eyes of the viewers, grasping their attention. These come in proper order and work best on smaller sites.

These subpages also add supporting pages of information without letting the site user to off-track from their goal.


Matrix, website, architecture

Matrix marks its popularity in the early years of the internet and was popular. It helps the visitors of the site to choose the next way. It provides many links for those who land on the landing page, and also in search of the next step.

Matrix marks its attribute in web designing by having a collection of links to ideas, along with a wide range of topics, that grasp the interest of the visitors.


database, website, architecture

One needs to think from the bottom while adding the data, based on the information architecture principles. After creating the architecture properly, provides relevant data of information.

Database designs rely on a search parameter and pull related information for the user. These types of sites can deliver more amounts of data to users.

Website Architecture for SEO

Website, Architecture, SEO

After searching out any page, then it results in estimates in a maximum number of pages on the Web. But only those pages rank at the top that is more informative and useful. It moves the competition in the field of web.

All the sites want themselves to rank in the list of top ten results, but the industry that focuses its attention the most on the keywords stuffing gets its number in the top ten. It works as a sophisticated filter and helps to prioritize the web pages to place the useful marketing at the topmost site, which ultimately promotes the product in the marketing strategy. SEO plays a crucial role in terms of getting ranks on Google. It properly keeps the search results and also helps to manipulate them. It helps to improve the branding by building a better user experience for its potential customers to have a better experience, it will create a positive impression on the brand identity. So it is important to deal with SEO while designing the website architecture.

The architecture should be designed in a well-structured manner, which will appeal to visitors and correlate with high search engine rankings, which would result in better chances of growing up in the results. Users always trust these search engines and achieve a top rank in search engine rankings signals. All the industry tries to achieve its place on the front side. It becomes mandatory when any industry wants to market its brand, product, or services with useful and informative content.

When the architecture of the site is designed properly, then it will lead to a high ranking of the website. When a website ranks higher for relevant keywords, then it receives more traffic of views. Increasing traffic needs a variety of short, long, or attractive keywords.

Without relevant keyword stuffing, it becomes impossible to acquire a higher place on Google. When there is more improvement in the keywords stuffing, the more it takes the site to reach the top. When more potential customers search for products or services online, then incorporating SEO makes each page a door of information for those customers.

It is considered as high-quality output when leads to more views. This helps in generating more sales and delivers high-quality results, which attracts the internet users who search for informative content. It helps in putting the brand of the industry on the front line. Potential customers have a better experience at the time when they get useful and relevant content. They find happiness with the fast, optimized, and technically good site. This helps in traffic analysis that helps in collecting data to improve the organic traffic.

Why is Web Architecture Important?

It shows its importance in functioning as the foundation for each element of a digital application or program. To provide an efficient way for a product to get progress, it is crucial to develop a secure foundation.

It is growing with the growing technology as internet-based programs grow. The high-functioning web programs and websites are increasing, so there is a requirement of increasing network security because the effective web architecture secures the data of users and also brings reliability.

Credibility and Trust

When the architecture of the site is done properly with SEO, then it can appear at the top in the search engine, then it is viewed as the most trustworthy and credible. It becomes reliable in the minds of the people.

The pages in the second place are not viewed the most, but the topmost site is probably referred to as the most informative and trustworthy. So whenever any company gets its position at the top, then becomes a credible and trustworthy source, which ultimately becomes a brand.

When the customers notice that the brand is consistently getting views and lies in the top search, it leads to brand awareness. It also improves branding by building with a better user experience.

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