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  • 9 Dec 2021

  • 9 Dec 2021

When is it the right time to Rebrand?

What is Rebranding?

It takes place when the brand or company makes innovative changes in its existing position to satisfy the needs of the existing customers, along with attracting a wide range of new ones.

Why Rebrand?

Rebranding is typically associated with the looks or aesthetic of a brand, includes the changing of elements like name, logo, tagline, fonts, and icons, originates after the launch of new products. It attracts more customers in the competition.

It helps to deliver more revenue with more efficiency and reliability, by generating more shareholder value in the process. A brand is only fresh up to a few years, later on, the customers look for some new thing in it. This is the time when the industries need to do rebranding.

Signs that show - It is Time to Rebrand

Do your sales not give profit? Are you not getting benefitted from the business? Thinking to change the brand identity or the product? When all these questions arise in the mind, then the industry gets the need to rebrand. Let us see the signs that show when the industry considers rebranding.

When the brand name no longer reflects the vision

If the brand becomes 10-15 years old and does not reach its audience properly. If it no longer represents what it is about, then it needs to be rebranded. Because sometimes the name does not show appropriateness after a long time and loses its identity.

Sometimes it does not deliver the proper brand message and fails to engage maximum customers with it. If it is not memorable after a long time, then it becomes difficult for it to stand in the competition. Here comes the time of rebranding which should again reflect the vision clearly to the audience.

Losing the Uniqueness

rebranding, uniqueness

It is crucial to always be unique in the market, by maintaining the brand personality. The personality refers to a set of human attributes that are specified to a brand name. An effective brand increases equity by having a constant set of traits that a specific line of consumer enjoys. As such a brand personality is something to which the consumer can relate.

It helps in accommodating communication with the customers finitely. A customer can relate to the personality traits that enable an emotional connection to get created between the brand and the customer.

It plays an essential role in creating this unique identity. But sometimes the brand personality fails to maintain its personality. It is important, that both the employees and customers understand why the brand is superior to the competition.

But sometimes both fail to understand their superiority, and the scenario becomes worse. It is very crucial to maintain uniqueness in the competition.

If the unique identity disappears, the brand starts losing its identity. Here comes the need to rebrand. It can help to identify and redefine the key differentiators, including the advantage, and the thing the industry do better than any of the competitors.

Lose of focus

It is a challenge to keep the focus on the brand, especially for the large organizations that have many stakeholders in the competition. But when there is a lack of focus on its personality, then it can bring complications in the way of growth.

The more complex is the brand, the harder it is for customers to understand its message. If its complexity increases and is not attracting the attention of the audience, then it is probably time to take a step and focus on rebranding. And it is the only way to get this type of perspective.

Change of business model and strategy

All the industries provide different kinds of products to increase sales and build a reputation. Like when a company offers varieties of products, then the consumer sort out very few products out of it.

With the more number of products getting launched in the market, there is a huge requirement of maintaining the quality of the product as well. Because the product without quality becomes useless.

The quality contributes to the creation of the brand identity and thus enables the customers to purchase the product. So an industry always looks for a quality delivery along with the quantity.

There exist some outside forces that often compel to make changes to the business, and when the strategy changes, then it results in loss of brand identity.

It also affects the stability of the position in the market. Here comes the necessity to rebrand the existing one, which would again help to maintain the quality and satisfy the needs of the customers. Whenever any organization takes care of its customers and satisfies their needs, then that firm escalates its business to the highest peak and gets prosperity in hundredfold.

This positivity helps in creating a positive image of the brand, product, or services to help escalate its position. It conveys to the consumers and competitors about the dynamic strategy of the business.

When an industry succeeds in building a positive image, then it also becomes mandatory for the industry to maintain its identity.

Increasing Competition

increasing, competition, rebranding

Competition is that thing, without which there is no essence in the market. The competitors show us our position, it brings enthusiasm to participate in the race.

Life is full of challenges, and when there comes competition every year, then it either pushes or pulls the existing position of the product. Increasing competition usually leads to a decrease in sales.

When there comes a group of competitors in the market, then it becomes a must for any organization to maintain its old position in a stable manner. So a company needs to change its value position to avoid losing customers.

One of the most obvious reasons to consider this rebranding is that sales are trending downwards. At this point, a change has to be made to prevent the trend from continuing down.

When there come new products in the market, it brings new players to the ground, which results in building up the new position. By analyzing the position of competitors, we can create our uniqueness in the market.

It allows incorporating brand tracking into your revitalized branding efforts.



The speed of business today is incredibly high, and consumer behavior changes with time.

The brand has to keep up to remain customer-focused by delivering good quality on time. A new brand grabs attention and gets noticed by the target audience.

The industries need to prioritize the experience of the consumer so that the current customers could receive value from the product and as well as their interactions with the team.

It increases their experience, and ultimately fulfills their needs, and also shows the methods that help to improve the performance of the products.

It also improves all the processes used by the industry while interacting with them.

The complex metrics measure that how rebranding brings success to the business, and the success of the consumers depends on optimizing them in every way and in every step, which ultimately gives and increases the values of consumers.


Rebranding enables any organization to get personified in the market, which brings revised brand promise and sometimes personality as well. If the strategy is developed in a precise manner, then it could bring prominence to the dignity of the brand. This would help in the modification of the viewpoints of the customers towards the products and services.

It is not necessary that the customers who were targeted earlier would be targeted consistently; like the taste of the customer changes with time. A company targets a specific age group before launching its products in the market, and when those people grow up, move on to some different products with some new taste.

They might not use the products or services. So the industry has to move on to target some different age groups by the process of rebranding, to reoccupy the value in the market.

At the initial stage of their business, to be able to get a decent profit in the future any business. If a person has just started a startup business, then the sooner a business person creates their website to showcase its features, the sooner it will start walking on the profit.

While if the physical shop is closed at night, your online shop can keep on selling and bringing income by catering to customers at any time that is convenient for them. promoting the business on various platforms like on the Internet is much easier if we have our website.

We could enjoy the maximum benefits for a business if our social media posts contain links that direct social users to our website, where one can find more in-depth information.

Rebranding help establishes our business, communicate the brand value proposition and it can convey again satisfy the needs of the customers. It also extends the reach of the industry to anyone in the world ultimately helping to buildup trust.

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