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  • 28 Jul 2022

  • 28 Jul 2022

Why Time is Essential in the Creative Designing Process?

The designing process begins with a great vision, which is followed by inspiration, ideas, and efforts, which bring creativity. To bring creativity to the design, the designers need time. Because without adequate time, the execution of great designs remains out of reach.

All the stages are crucial in the designing process, which requires time to maintain the quality and to generate a creative output.

Sometimes clients want us to do more work in less time. How can we make them understand that for new effective ideas, we need more time? If the clients ask for effective and creative ideas in less time, then it affects productivity. So here in this blog, we want to make them understand how creativity works with time.


Creativity is considered as a key to personal and organizational social prosperity; creativity signifies the production of novel and useful ideas. Creative Designers bring their imagination into reality, which highlights creativity in an exceptional manner.

Creative Design Process Steps


discover step, creative design process

If the company is following all its responsibilities correctly, then the design would help it to create a good connection between the consumers and the organization.

So the designers discover i.e. get to know the business and services of the clients and then make the design accordingly. The designers firstly know the basic requirements of the clients, like what kind of design they are expecting, and what kind of services they offer.


Research step, creative design process

Research is critical for designers because the design team needs to immerse themselves thoroughly in the research process. The designers makes research on the data provided by the clients, which gives them an idea about what exactly the clients are expecting in the designs.

They also understand the products and brand portfolio. On the basis of this information, the designers start the research process. The designers identify the requirements, make research and collect the data, and do study and analysis on it.


Brainstorming stage, creative design process

Brainstorming is about thinking through all possible ways of design directions that bring creativity in the right way. The designers look and search for the different types of fonts, colors, styles, etc. and consider all aspects of visual ideas that would embody the brand strategy. They generate a large number of ideas in different ways and focus on quality.

Preparation Stage

Preparation stage, creative design process

This is a classic stage, where the designers gather a lot of information. They think about the ideas from which they want to bring creativity. They try to get as many ideas as possible. This is one of the most crucial stages, where the designers devote most of their time. They need time to take a lot of effort for the preparation of ideas, which helps in bringing a creative design.

The designers go through detailed examination in order to understand the essential features to be added in the designs, which gives a clear idea and brings creativity to the designs. The designers look for different kinds of variations, explore and finally use their ideas for designing simple, clean, elegant minimalistic, and appealing designs.


Designing step, creative designing process

The designers make the designs that could be used by the organization as an identity. The designing process includes the use of unique fonts, shapes, creative ideas, as well as the use of bright and appealing colors. They use the perfect color combination which is very powerful because it can influence the mood and emotions of the customers.


Concepts, creative design process

After obtaining a thorough understanding of the client project, the designers make concepts that specify the designs. The design concepts describe what all things the design consists of and represents, and what it indicates and signifies, which gives a clear idea about how thedesign is made in accordance of the business perspectives, and how it goes with it.

Presentation & Feedback

Presentation & Feedback, creative design process

Once the design gets done by the designers, then they present it to the clients. They present the designs with accuracy, which is associated with high quality. They present the designs to the clients with concept of designs.

After designing, the designers present those design samples to the clients. Here the clients should not rush in making the decision.

The designers ask the clients to take their own time to review the designs, properly understand the concepts behind it, and then come to the final selection process.


Changes, creative design process

The clients share their thoughts regarding the designs and discuss with the designers if there is a requirement for any change. The team of designers modifies the existing designs, follows and makes changes as per the requirement of clients, and makes the clients happy and satisfied with the final creative design samples.

Final Output

Final Output, creative design process

After going through all the above processes, the designers give perfect logo designs and their copywrites to the clients. They provide them with the deliverables files included in the packages, and most big companies suggest the clients to take brand guidelines.

Everything is Bound to Time

Every single process of designing is bounded by time. Multi-tasking is part of the routine for many of designers, so they need to deal with it. They stay focused on one task at a time so that they can complete it with perfection.

All these processes require enough time to bring fruitful results. While going through all the above processes, the designers put all of their efforts into designing, in order to satisfy the needs of the clients.

To deliver effective and appealing designs the designers require enough time for the designing process.

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