99Logos is a much respected marketplace. You need to respect everyone and follow all the rules and policies. We are defining our polices and there will be a many consequences for not doing this.

By working on the 99Logos marketplace, members are agreeing to act in a professional manner and respect the Designer Code of Conduct and Client Guidelines.

Major violations of our Stock Image and Clip Art Policy or our Concept Originality Policy such as submitting a design that has been clearly copied, may result in an immediate suspension forever.

Other violations such as leaving an inappropriate comment may result in an initial warning, and if it is found that a member regularly leaves comments that are negative, aggressive or otherwise abusive, that user may be forever suspended.

All first time designers are reviewed by our staff. If a designer’s work does not meet our quality standards or violates the Designer Code of Conduct their account will be put on hold. We will stop the next payment (Monthly base payment) of designer and thereafter he/she will not able to receive any kind of payments from 99Logos, unless and until we again reactive their account.

A record of violations is kept for all community members. 99Logos reserves the right to suspend or ban as it sees fit.