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What is a design package?

A design package is actually is designing job for the design team to work and create the final design for a client’s design brief.

The project has three stages that take place over a number of days.

Assigned 99Logos designers and team will study the design brief provided by the client and will create the appropriate designs according the project. They work for the client by submitting designs that meet the brief.

The client gives feedback and direction to the designer(s) to help them improve on their designs through round of revisions.

Finally, the client picks a final design. The designer needs to handover the source files of design to the client.

How many designs will I get to choose from?

That depends on how many designers are working on your project and you handle your project.

We provide a rough guide to how many designs you’re likely to get on our Pricing Page. Just select the category you're interested in, and you’ll see a rough guide to the number of entries you’re likely to see depending on whether you’re offering project type and addon designer package.

But there are no guarantees about how many designs you’ll get. The number of designs will depend a lot upon you. Basically you can consider ~5 designs per designer. More number of designers can create more number of designs. Here are a few tips for increasing the number of entries in your design project:

  • Share your clear thoughts with designer.

  • Develop good and humble conversation with designer.

  • Encourage designer by using our design rating system.

What are the quality standards at 99Logos?

99Logos is the most respected and trusted branding agency. With a team of talented and experienced people, 99Logos has set some standards with regard to the quality of designs that the designers submit. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us.

The minimum design standards expected from a designer is:

  • To submit (100%) original work

  • Save/Send files in approved formats (EPS, AI and PSD)

  • Designs must be high quality vectors

  • Highly professional, meets the design brief

In our many packages we have team of Branding Expert, Project Head and Designers. Our Project Head always insures that the quality of design is top notch and meeting the quality standards. Our Project Head also tracks the conversation happening between designers and clients so he can guide the designers if required.

Want to know more about copyrights and ownerships?

Copyright are owned by the designers for their designs until they transfer the rights to the project holder (Client).

Whenever a designer is declared as a winner for a project by a project holder, the copyright and ownership to that winning design are transferred over to the project holder. All the exchange of files and transfer of copyrights and ownership happen automatically during the Design Handover stage.

When project holder downloads first time from handover page, the Design Transfer Agreement will automatically get sent to their register email.

How do I write a good design brief?

Writing a good design brief is very important for any every design project. A detailed brief helps designers with everything they need to know to exceed your expectations.

Try to provide as much as information to get best results, like:

Service Industry: Select your service industry appropriately

Logo Name (If you have Logo Design Project) : Avoid spelling mistakes and be specific about priority and second priority texts. Provide slogans or taglines if you have.

Type of product and service description: This is very important field. Please try to provide brief information about your business. It would be helpful for designer(s) to understand your company better.

Colour Choices: Please select the appropriate colours while filling the project questionnaire.

References or references documents: Do share the references regarding your project. Everyone have their own taste and designer(s) cannot assume your taste or choices, so this reference would be really helpful for them.

Can I upload reference images or files while starting a project?

Yes, you can upload any number of reference images or files in your brief. Even after placing your project you can use your public announcement feature to share more files or references with designer(s).

Where all can i use my logo design?

Since the project holder receives the source files in vector format, they can use the logo design on everything including t-shirts, business cards, stationary, website, brochures etc.

Do i have to pay extra for revisions or changes?

No you don't have to pay extra for any minor revisions or changes. The price you pay to place the project includes unlimited revisions and changes to the designs submitted in the project till the time a winner has not been selected.

Note that designers aren’t obligated to make many changes to their winning designs, so if you want to ensure your changes will be made, ask for them before you declare the project’s winner.

What is the process for placing a project?

  • Click on Get Started button from home page header

  • Select the project type from upper 4 menu

  • Select the package which suites you best

  • Fill up all the project questionnaire carefully

  • Select the addons (optional)

  • Make the initial 50% advance payment (of package cost)

  • Our backend team will analyse the project brief assign a designer(s) to your projects as per their skills.

  • You will receive the initial design draft in 48 working hours.

When the designer(s) will get assigned to my project?

If you have placed the project in our working hours (Monday to Friday – 11:30am to 7:00pm) then designer(s) will be assigned within an hour. Otherwise designer(s) will get assigned on next working day.

What will be the quality of designers with each package?

The quality of designers will be top notch and equal for all the packages. But everyone have their own creativity and point of view so more number of designers may provide you more quality designs.

Can I place an adult project?

No, adult content is not permitted on 99Logos. We have a family-friendly community. As a result, we do not allow and prohibit posting such kind of content. We act quickly by taking such project or content down, when we see something people are likely to be offended by.

When do I pay for the design project?

We take 50% advance payment for all the design projects. Remaining due payment needs to pay while selecting the final design. Only add on services cost needs to pay completely upfront. We have all the payments are completely non-refundable.

What currency do I pay?

All the payments on are taken in Indian Rupees (INR). If you are placing your project from then currency would be US Dollars (USD).

What payment methods do you accept?

We accepts, Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, UPI, EMI(If available) & All Major Wallets.

Can ask for revisions in the design of my Digital Business Card?

No. The Digital Business Card is created in a fixed format that represents the credentials added to it.

Can I get a Custom Digital Business Card?

No. We do not offer any services for a customized digital business card at the moment.

Do I get to connect on a Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp or any other platform with my Project Manager?

No. As mentioned in the package, telephonic consultation is only available for discussion

What is Brand Guidlines?

Brand guidelines dictate the content of a logo, and its collateral. It mainly consists of the description of the Logo, its primary design & variations, usage, typography, color palette, glossary, etc.

Can I ask for revisions in the Brand Guidelines?

No. The brand guidelines are promentitely created in a technical structured format to help mostly creative individuals understand the design properly. Most often used by designers/developers to make certain they're using the right fonts, colour palette, and versions of your logo.

When do I get the Brand Guidelines?

Once the Logo design is finalized from the client's side, the same design is used to prepare the guidelines and is later available to download in the Design Handover section along with rest of the deliverables.

How Projects Work

Where can I find all my projects?

After Logging in to your workplace, the default page will be your workplace which is your projects page. You can also click on “My Projects” tab on top navigation bar.

In how much time will I start receiving the designs?

You should expect to receive your first designs in only 4 working days (2 working days in xpress) after assigning the designer(s). For complex design categories like website design, mobile app design etc., it can sometimes take a little longer.

Is there any particular project duration have for projects?

Yes. For every project there are 2 slabs for project duration. First 10 days are for open project in which, designer(s) can submit the designs. Clients can ask to make changes and give feedbacks to designer(s).

After 10 days, project will be in selection design round for 5 days and no one can submit the new designs in the project. In these 5 days, client needs to select the final design. If client does not pick any design then project will be held automatically.

To reactive the project client need to get in touch with our support team through email. They can send their emails on with appropriate email subject.

Can i select a final design before my projects duration gets over?

Yes. You can select the final design any time.

Is there a limit on how many designs a designer can submit?

Yes. You can consider maximum 5 designs per designer.

Do I need to pay in full advance while selecting the Brand name with .com package?

Yes, Similar to the Brand name suggestion package, Brand name with .com domain package requires complete amount to be paid in advance to place the order.

How many Trademark Classes check will brand name suggestion packages include?

The package would include maximum 2 trademark classes check for availability.

Will I get more web-related services in brand name suggestion with .com domain package?

No, brand name suggestion with .com domain package does not include any web-related services like hosting, ssl, etc.

Managing Your Projects

How will I see the designs I will receive?

Any kind of communication between you and the designer will happen on 99Logos website. To see all the design entries submitted to your project:

You need to login to your account > Click on the project name for which you want to see the designs >the next default page will be “Designs”

Can I change the brief of my design project at a later date?

No. You cannot change the brief of your project after placing your project. But you can use announcement feature to update your designer brief. After making an announcement, it will get notified to all working designer(s) of your project.

Where and how can I message all the designers together?

You can use announcements to message all the designer together:

You need to login to your account > Click on the project name for which you want to see the designs >click on the “Announcements” tab and type your message.

Can I upload more images to my project brief?

No. You cannot upload anything in your brief after placing your project. But you can use announcement feature to upload more images or documents. After making an announcement, it will get notified to all working designer(s) of your project.

How do I run a successful design project?

It’s very easy to run a successful design project on 99Logos. Try following things.

  • Give constant feedback to individual designs/designers whom you like, through comments, thus, encouraging them to create better designs according to your feedback.

  • Give 4 or 5 star ratings on the designs that you like thus, encouraging those designers to create new designs.

Can I get email notifications when new designs are submitted to my project?

Yes. With every new design submission you will get notification through email. Even activities like, private message, design comment or upload on design handover etc. will also notify you through email.

Can I extend my design project?

If your project becomes held because of inactivity then you can reactive the project by getting in touch with our support team through email. You can send your emails on with appropriate email subject.

Why my project is held?

If you did not select any design within 15 days from date of placing your project then it will automatically get held. You can reactive the project by getting in touch with our support team through email. You can send your emails on with appropriate email subject.

Feedbacks & Rating Feature

How do I give feedback to the designers in my project?

You can use direct private message system to message particular designer.

Click on Private Message tab > Select the designer name from left side panel > enter private message and send

You can also make public announcement for all the working designers from your project.

Click on Announcement tab > enter your message and send the announcement

How do I leave comments on particular design in my project?

It’s an easiest way to express your thoughts about any particular design. Click on the design and open it. On the right side panel there is comment section. You can write the comment about that design and send to designer. The comment will be visible to only the designer which had submitted that design. You can also access that comment in private message of designer.

Why designer(s) are not responding to my messages on Saturday and Sunday (Non working days)?

Typically our designer(s) do not work on Saturdays and Sundays but you can send your message or feedbacks any time to designer. Designer(s) will respond you on Monday ASAP.

What if I do not like the designs submitted in my design project?

If you do not like any of the designs submitted in your design project.Try following things.

  • Give constant feedback to individual designs/designers whom you like, through comments, thus, encouraging them to create better designs according to your feedback.

  • Give 4 or 5 star ratings on the designs that you like thus, encouraging those designers to create new designs.

  • Add on more designers: You can use our addon feature to add more designers in your project by paying some additional cost.

  • Announcement

Finally, if you do not like any of the designs submitted in your design project. You need to get in touch with support team for the same.

Should I able to provide my email address or contact number to designer?

No, it’s against the terms of use policy for a project holder or designer to email or contact each outside of 99Logos Workplace. 99Logos provides a complete interface for the designers and project holders to communicate with each other seamlessly and you must use it for any communication.

You can either leave comments on the designs or alternatively message the designers under the "Messages tab" on the project page by clicking on their names.

We strictly advise against sharing personal information or communicating outside the platform as it then waives any responsibility that 99Logos has towards a legal and successful transfer of files to you.

If you need an extension on your contest so that our designers can continue to submit revisions, simply contact support.

Selecting a Final Design

How do I choose a winning design?

Shortlist the best designs as per your likings, design concept & originality. Click on the design in full view and “Select as a final” button is over there on right top of the image. Click on that button, if you have already paid the due amount for your project then confirmation popup will appear and click on “Yes” to confirm the design as a final. If you have not paid the final dues, then payment popup will appear, make the final payment and select the design as final. For package deliverables and payment related information please refer our terms mentioned on our terms page in 2.1 Payment and Delivery (

What is the Design Handover and how does it work?

Once a Project Holder has selected the final design in their project, the design handover process begins. Here, the designer and the project holder are given a joint access to a shared handover page where the designer submits all the source files of the selected design and the client can download the files. After clicking on download files button, "Design Transfer Agreement" will appear and you need to sign the agreement by providing your details to download the files.

Client also needs to rate the Designer from 10 to 100 points & 99Logos service with some review. This process is mandatory to download the files. This is help us to improve our service and decide quality of the designer.

Can I have more time to pick a final design?

Yes you can extend the design selection process by contacting our support team. You can send your emails on with appropriate email subject.

Can I ask for changes after I've picked a winner?

Usually, yes. Designers typically provide minimal revisions for free and will be happy to do more detailed revisions for a reasonable price.

Your best bet is to ask the designer directly if they can make your changes using a private message, or during the Design Handover stage.

Note that designers aren’t obligated to make any changes to their winning designs, so if you want to ensure your changes will be made, ask for them before you declare the contest’s winner.

Can I have more than one design as a final?

No, you cannot pick more than a one design as a final.

How do I send messages to my designer in handover?

You can use private message system to communicate with the designer regarding handover.

When does the Design handover process start?

The design handover process starts immediately after a final design is selected in a project. Once a designer is selected as the winner, you both have to sign the "design transfer agreement" and start the process of design handover.

Designer is not responding in the design handover process. What should i do?

Don't worry, sometimes it can take designers to get back to the changes you had asked for or maybe due to the time difference constrain you might see a delay in response. But still if you feel your designer is not responding, you may contact support team to resolve the issue.

Can I receive the file for my completed design via email?

No. Any kind of communication, exchange of files needs to happen through 99Logos Workplace only. Design handover stage has been designed specifically for this purpose. If you are using Design handover process, it makes sure that everyone’s rights are properly transferred and protected.It also ensures your design and its documentation are stored safely on our systems for your future reference.

How do I get a refund for my project? And what is the refund policy?

We have no refund policies for every project. We believe in quality work towards any design task and we give our best to satisfy the clients from our end. For the same reason we do not believe in full advance payment and wants to keep our dues to our clients until our designers satisfy client’s need. In any case of issues you may direct contact support team so we can make out some way.

What source files and file format will I get?

It depends on the type of project you are running. For Logo and Branding related projects, designers will handover vector format of final designs. Which includes .AI, .EPS, .PDF. You may also get .PNG & .JPG files from designer. Discuss regarding file formats with your designer.

If you face any issues regarding file formats, do get in touch with support team.

Don’t ask the designer to provide any of the files for the font they used in your design, since font licenses are usually non-transferrable. But do ask the designer for the name of the font so you can buy a license if you need to.